A solid protective case with a unique design.

I’ve only had my iPhone Xs Max for a week and I already see it as an extension of my hand (much like my last iPhone). So, I truly see the importance of protecting my pricey investment. I’ve always like stylish cases and this one from Silk really caught my eye. The Silk Kung Fu Grip case for the iPhone Xs Max is a lightweight protective slim cover and this one is one of their feature printed cases with the ‘Flavor of the Month’ design.


The Kung Fu Grip case is designed to give you a superior grip for your brand new iPhone. It has high-grip textured sides that provide just the right amount of grip. The case features an ultra-light, durable construction as well as a tactile ‘click’ response with the buttons. There are protective air pockets built into the corners for impact protection (airbags for your phone) and a lay-flat screen guard. A screen protector film is included, but since I received this as a demo from Silk, I did not receive that screen guard. The case measures 6.3 x 0.4 x 3.2 inches and only weighs 1.28 ounces.

Silk Kung Fu Grip Case for iPhone Xs Max REVIEW


Normally, the first step to a review, in my opinion, is to discuss the packaging, but since this case was sent to me as a demo of the feature printed cases that Silk makes, as I mentioned above, I did not receive the standard packaging for it. I can say that Silk’s standard packages are whimsical and have lots of fun phrases on it. I also love the names they give to their cases. Kung Fu Grip has to be the best name for a simple protective case I’ve ever heard.

This Ten S Max Case is a stylish and beautiful case. It has an amazing design with a fabulous flexibility. The case is sturdy and strong, and very lightweight. Because of its flexibility, it’s very easy to install the iPhone into it and peel it back off of the phone. The buttons are very easy to press with this case on the phone. I really love the smooth texture of the case. It’s easy to hold and it doesn’t cause any slipping to occur.

Silk Kung Fu Grip Case for iPhone Xs Max REVIEW

The design on the case features some very detailed white and orange-red flowers. The feeling of the back is sort of fabric-like and it adds to the grip of the phone. The case will definitely not slip or fall out of your pocket or hands.


If you are looking for a simple, easy to use case, I would recommend the Kung Fu Grip case from Silk. It’s stylish, comes in different color options, and it provides solid protection for your phone. At a retail price of $15, you really can’t go wrong with this case.

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