On-The-Go Wallet Case from Silk Smartish Products

With two main phone types to choose between (Apple/Android), many utilize smartphone cases to add a touch of personality. Whether you pick a minimalistic case, an armor style case, waterproof case, flashy case, or a wallet style case, you can adjust your smartphone experience to your need. If you have not heard of silk smartish products, here is a Folio style case that you did not even know that you needed.

Silk Keeper of the Things Folio Wallet iPhone X Case REVIEW

The silk Folio case arrived in a 3 1/8 inches wide by 6 1/8 inches tall by 13/16 inches thick retail package. The clean white cover was a perfect substrate to display the classy 3 15/16 inches tall by 2 1/16 inches wide image of the folio case. Along the top of the packaging, you will find “THE FOLIO” in black font and “KEEPER OF THE THINGS” in mint green font. Along the bottom right of the case image, you will find a 1 1/4 inches mint-rimmed white circle with copper-colored “silk” and mint-green “Smartish products.” Both of the side panels displayed a mint-green 7/16 inches diameter circle, with an S in the dead space, and the same silk/Smartish products color scheme as the cover. The rear panel provided a 3/8 inches diameter mint circle with an S in the dead space and repeated the silk/smartish color scheme along the top. They then provided a jesting paragraph noting that their product was not inspired by renaissance thinkers and would not “likely save the world. Beneath this, they provided some funny, yet sarcastic critic reviews. I admit, it was creative and it was fun to read, but it did not provide any product specifications or features.

Silk Keeper of the Things Folio Wallet iPhone X Case REVIEW

Removing the product from the packaging, I was rather surprised to find a pastel pink 3 1/8 inches wide by 6 inches tall by 3/4 inches thick folio style case and a cardboard insert. The half-box cardboard panel repeated “The Folio KEEPER OF THE THINGS” thrice on the back surface. On the inner surface, the company asked the customer to leave an Amazon review, provided a few product details (Folio Carrier, Folding Kickstand, Protective Case), and detailed the lifetime warranty. At first glance, the pink Folio case resembled a small purse. The outer pink surface provided a pleasing visual and tactile feel. Along the bottom right of the cover, you will find “silk” etched into the surface. Along the top of the cover, you will find a 9/16 inches wide by 1/16 inches tall cutout for the phone speaker. Rotating the case ninety degrees clockwise, the spine of the case was bare except for a rivet along the top. Through this rivet, the company added a pink, texture-matched, 6 1/2 inches long by 1/4 inches wide wrist strap. The wrist strap, located approximately 1 1/2 inches from the case, was connected through rivet via thin nylon thread. The connection was secure, attractive and enhanced the overall feel of the case.


The reverse surface of the Folio Case utilized the same color/texture as the front/spine of the case. Located along the top left of the panel, you will find an 11/16 inches wide by 1 3/16 inches tall camera cutout and along the middle of the panel, a vertical kickstand crease. When I opened the case, I immediately noted the four credit card slots and check/cash slot toward my left and the plastic phone shell toward the right. If needed, you can slide 1-2 cards per credit card slot and can add multiple bills/checks to the posterior pocket. To install the iPhone X, slide the volume toggle/ volume up/down edge into the plastic shell and then click the right upper edge, left upper edge and then the bottom edges. The plastic case did not cover 2 3/16 inches across the top, 7/8 inches along the left side of the iPhone X (power button), 1 5/8 inches along the right side (volume toggle, volume up/down), and 2 1/4 inches along the bottom (lightning/speaker). Despite the openings, the case gripped the phone well. I dropped the iPhone X/case from a height of two feet onto carpet ten times. The phone never popped out of the case and the entire setup remained secure.

Silk Keeper of the Things Folio Wallet iPhone X Case REVIEW

Despite the aforementioned features, there were still two important details that remained. To further protect your phone and credit cards, the company provided a 5/8 inches wide elastic retention strap. When using the phone, place the retention strap over the cards to decrease the chances of losing a card. Once done, extend the strap over the back of the case to keep it closed. With the elastic strap engaged, I held the case upside down and shook the case and was pleased to find that I did not lose a single card. Based on the setup of the case, you will not lose your checks/cash because the pocket was only accessible when the case was fully opened.

The last feature of the case proved to be my wife’s favorite. With four small children (10yr, 7yr, 4yr, 2 mo), we sometimes have to employ the services of the iPhone babysitter. Using Movies Anywhere, we will sometimes play movies while waiting for our meals to arrive, while waiting in line at an event or other times that the kids get bored. The case provided my wife with a kickstand mode, which allowed her to place the phone onto the table and reduced fighting between the kids. The elastic strap, when placed over the credit cards served as a stopping point for the plastic phone in kickstand mode

In addition to protection for her phone, my wife liked that she only needed to take her Folio case and keys. Instead of lugging around a separate wallet, large purse or diaper bag, she could simply take this case and have cash/checks, credit card, license, and insurance card. Combined with the ability to keep the kids occupied when needed, this case quickly rose to the top of her favorite case list. If the case interests you but pink is not your color, do not fret! If you navigate to the silk website, you can also purchase the case in black.

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