Flash drive offers moderate price and ease of use.

Silicon Power Ultima 32GB Flash Drive Review 3On first glance, Silicon Power Ultima 32GB Retractable USB 2.0 Flash Drive seem like a run of the mill flash drive. It’s moderately priced and easy to use. You get your basic software download for data rescue. Mind you, the software is for Windows only, so Mac users like myself miss out on some basic perks. The Ultima works flawlessly with both Windows and Mac machines.

The drive itself does have an overall nice aesthetic to it. It’s small enough to be not be cumbersome or crowd up your USB ports. One thing that really sets it apart from some of the competition is the retraction feature. On most flash drives that retract, you lose the ability to extend the drive and have it locked into place after a normal amount of use. With the Ultima drive you can actually feel the mechanism drive engage and know that it’s pretty solid.

Silicon Power Ultima 32GB Flash Drive Review 4For someone like myself who has multiple flash drives that I use, this is a huge win as far as I am concerned. The one thing that I noticed that could be better as far as design is that there isn’t a very solid option to attach it to keychain. It doesn’t seem like much, but I tend to lose these flash drives every so often, so having them attached to my keys is pretty important. The LED indicator light is very sleek and unobtrusive.

Overall the Ultima is a decent flash drive in market flooded with cheap design.

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