SignNow offers electronic signatures for a price.

As society becomes more and more electronic, developers continue to find ways for apps to help us all adapt with the use of our mobile devices. They are no longer phones, PDAs or tablets – our mobile devices are tools for communication and productivity. One aspect of ‘going electronic’ that some don’t consider is the ability to write – or more specifically, sign one’s name. Guess what? There’s an app for that.

SignNow gives users the option to collect signatures on important documents from iOS enabled devices. Users can upload PDFs, Word Documents, or rich text document and collect a variety of information on them including signatures and dates. SignNow works through DropBox, Camera and Email. When a document is signed, you can immediately send it by email to clients or to coworkers’ mobile devices.

signnow-screenshotWhen I installed SignNow, I was impressed with the interface. It is easy to use, but after I installed it, I noticed a fairly sizable flaw. SignNow is free to download and free to use, but only for 5 documents a month. SignNow has pro versions that are subscription based – $14.99/month or $99.99/year – that allows for more documents.

One feature I really like in SignNow is that it comes equipped with Legal Document templates. I see SignNow (the free version) being useful for one-time documents that need to be signed, like a Bill of Sale for a vehicle. But, for a business wanting to use this for client contracts, it doesn’t make sense. There are other options for electronic signature capture that don’t require a subscription.