A nice, lightweight document manager for iOS devices.

Sign and Send Documents iOS App Review 3There are many occasions when I need to annotate a PDF on the go. The most likely scenario is when I am out on a job and need a client to sign a contract or a statement of work so that I can complete the work for them. For this type of function, Sign and Send Documents by Masalasoft Limited works very well.

Sign and Send Documents creates the easiest way for people to sign documents on your iPhone or iPad. To use it, you simply use the “Open In” command on your iOS device and select Sign and Send Documents. The document will open in the app and from there, you can add a signature, text, date, or brief annotations to the document. Once you are finished, you can send to your printer or email client to share. In addition to using that “Open In” command, you can also download documents from the Web, through Wifi connections, from Dropbox, or even create new documents within Sign and Send Documents.

Sign and Send Documents iOS App Review 4One of the biggest headaches I run into with apps like this is the ease of signing or lack thereof. Sign and Send Documents truly makes it easy. When you select Signature from the edit menu, the app brings up a blank screen. Here, you can either use a stylus or your finger to capture a signature. This was a very nice option of how to handle this function of the app. Once you have completed your signature, you can position and resize it on your document. It’s very easy to use.

Sign and Send Documents iOS App Review 6Another nice function of this app is the added ability to convert any document to a PDF . This is great because that means any annotations or markups you make will be saved.

While the app functions as needed and as described, I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed with the UI. It’s bland and looks very old school in terms of design. Sign and Send Documents is a nice, lightweight PDF and document manager for iOS devices. It retails for $3.99 and is available for download in the iTunes App Store.

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