An addictive one-touch game.

I like to indulge in unique video games and I was recently introduced to one that was unlike anything else I’d ever played before — Shut the Window. The entire premise is that you are presented with open windows and with a single touch (or click) of the screen you close them. It’s an interesting idea and the app developer, Pixel Drop, did a great job designing it.


Shut the Window is a creative game for iOS and Mac where the goal is to close as many open windows as possible before the timer runs out. It’s a one-touch game and it’s inspired by the real windows of Amsterdam. There are 10 different illustrations to play through and the level is basically free-running. It only ends when the timer runs out and you haven’t closed the windows.

Main Features Include:

  • Beautiful and addictive one touch game.
  • Breathtaking Illustrations inspired by real windows of Amsterdam.
  • Frustratingly fun. Makes you keep coming back for more!
  • No IAP, no monetization strategy, no currencies.
  • Share screenshots of your favorite windows and high scores with friends.

Shut the Window iOS and Mac Game REVIEW

User Experience

Installing the game is simple. Once it’s downloaded, you just start playing. The title screen appears and you tap it to continue. A menu is revealed and you select between Play, Settings, or Credits. The Settings options include music on/off, effects on/off, and the language selection. When you are ready to play, you tap on Play and you are whisked away to Amsterdam. I got to play several different levels, but my favorite was the Anne Frank House. At first, I had a little trouble getting the hang of the flow of the game. You tap the screen to close the windows as they open. You have a very sparse time limit to do that in. I played the game on both my iPhone and MacBook Pro. I found that the iPhone was more enjoyable, but still difficult when it came to trying to get very far in the game. I was more concerned with watching the windows open and shut than I was with the timer at the top of the screen.

Shut the Window iOS and Mac Game REVIEW


Shut the Door is a really fun, but frustrating game. I found myself quickly invested in the game, but couldn’t get very far. Therefore, I got easily frustrated and gave up on the game. Since I’m a fan of progressive games — the ones where when you complete a level you get a more complicated one — and this game does not do that, I am not sure how much more I will play this. That said, I can see people who enjoy this type of game really getting a kick out of it. I love that it takes its design from the windows of Amsterdam.

Shut the Window is expected to be released on April 5, 2018. It is currently available for pre-order for both iOS and Mac.

DOWNLOAD – iOS – $0.99 (Pre-Order)
DOWNLOAD – Mac – $0.99 (Pre-Order)

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