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Photo2For much of my life I’ve been a fan of TV. As I’ve grow into adulthood, I have really tried hard to keep up with several series that are showing at the same time. For anyone who has ever tried to do this, you know that nothing is more frustrated than being hooked on a show and discovering you missed an episode. There are a lot of apps in the market that help to track your shows for you, but none seem as advanced to me as ShowTrack for iOS.

ShowTrack is an app built to not only track your episodes, but it also tracks your watching statistics and the most popular shows on television. The app is broken into several categories – Explore, Show, My Shows, Dashboard, Track, Calendar and Statistics. When I first started using this app, I was blown away. Before this app, I had only used apps that provide surface information like show title, time/date of airing, and whether it was a first run or repeat episode. ShowTrack also provides statistics and a lot more depth about your TV viewing habits.

Photo3I do find the app to be user-friendly, but was a little bit confused about how to get started the first time I opened it. Adding shows to your personal watch list wasn’t very clear and I sort of got a bit lost navigating through the vast menus. But, once I played around with it a bit, I understood the layout better. If you experience the same thing, don’t give up. It’s a great app and very easy to pick up after just a few minutes of navigating.

You do have to sign up for a free account before you start using the app so that you are a part of the ShowTrack community, but it only take a few seconds and only requires an email address. I really like the special navigation/timing feature within a TV show listing. In the upper right hand corner, you will see a small timer icon from inside a TV show profile. When you tap on it, you will see the next episode that is on your schedule to watch, the next episode that airs, the last episode that aired, and some additional suggestions for TV shows. It’s a very nice snapshot of the show’s history and airings and is very useful when you are trying to determine what is on TV at night.

Photo1One feature that I am eager to start using the calendar. Unfortunately, since it is summertime, there are no new shows airing and it’s not a very useful feature right now. I would love to see some different viewing options for that menu.

ShowTrack is available for $1.99 from iTunes and is worth it if you are an avid TV show fan like me.

For more information, visit showtrack.tv
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