ShootShifter lets you visually organize all your photos in one place.

One of my favorite parts about traveling with friends is arriving back at your room after an exhausting day of walking around an unfamiliar place and sharing all the photos from the day over the hostel’s spotty WiFi. It’s a really good refresher for when you then diligently write down everything you did in your travel journal like I don’t. Then there comes the less exciting chore of organizing all the files from different cameras and phones and getting them all in one place, preferably in chronological order and with correct file info. ShootShifter is a tool designed specifically to make this whole process easier.

ShootShifter Mac App REVIEW

ShootShifter and I got off to a bit of a rocky start. You see, this app kind of infers that you have a base level of organization already. Its default setting is to import folders, not individual files, and to change that preference, you have to delineate specific places from which you can then import these individual files. My whole computer is a mess, to be quite honest, so starting off with shootShifter was more involved for me than it probably should have been. That said, the app is definitely geared towards making large, sweeping changes as opposed to changing individual files. It can do both, of course, but its main value is in its ability to affect a bunch of things all at once. I found the Rename All Files tool pretty impressive. As its name suggests, it allows you to change the names of all the files uploaded to the program. It’s really nice for consistency.

ShootShifter Mac App REVIEW

I like how visual shootShifter is. I feel like that is so important when you’re working with visual media. You can drag and drop to rearrange your photos on a visual timeline or full-screen grid as opposed to just going in and tweaking file information. It’s much more story-oriented if that makes sense. In these, you have the options of moving entire folders forward/backward in time by either using the Adjust Altogether tool or by dragging and dropping any file from the folder along the timeline (you have to be careful if you want to move an individual item that is part of a folder so that you don’t move everything).

ShootShifter Mac App REVIEW

It’s probably because of the aforementioned cluttered state of everything on my computer as a whole that made this experience difficult for me. And I wouldn’t necessarily recommend shootShifter to people who, like me, store photos loosely around their desktop kind of grouped together but not really. I can definitely see this being wonderfully useful for photographers, however, who cover events with other shooters, or anyone who commonly organizes vacation photos from multiple sources. Everything I was able to do worked like a dream, and organizing everything (even my mess) is easier using this than it otherwise would be.

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