Mount provides power to multiple devices.

SHINEDA Car Phone Charger Mount Review 3I’ve had the opportunity to try out a lot of different styles of mobile phone car mounts. Many of them provide a safe, secure place for your phone to rest while you drive. This SHINEDA Car Phone Charger Mount is no exception. The unique feature on this mount is that it plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter and has 2 USB ports for device charging.

The SHINEDA Car Phone Charger Mount is made from quality PV and ABS materials. It’s got a great, soft feel to it and is easy to set-up. The mount has a 360º rotating head so that you have virtually every viewing angle at your disposal while you drive. A clamp secures your phone in the mount. There is a gooseneck arm that the phone holder is mounted on and it’s easily adjustable as well. The holder will house smaller phones as well as larger phablet-sized smart phones. We tested it out with an iPhone 6 Plus and didn’t have any fitting issues with it.

SHINEDA Car Phone Charger Mount Review 4Now, as I mentioned above, this car mount comes with an extra special feature – 2 USB ports for charging. The ports are 5V, 2. 1A which means that you can charge your phone and iPad at the same time. We recently took a short car trip to a town that is about an hour away from where we live. We took the SHINEDA Car Phone Charger Mount with us for easy viewing of the iPhone. At first, I didn’t think the mount would be very stable. I thought it might bounce around a lot on bumpy roads, but I was wrong. The car mount was secure and never once drooped.

SHINEDA Car Phone Charger Mount Review 5The USB charger part seemed to work very well, too. We had a small cable plugged into the charger for the iPhone (I would recommend a short, flexible cable as there isn’t much clearance or distance between the mount and the charger) and also plugged in a longer cable for our GPS. Both devices received ample power and the charger did not seem to retain too much heat.

This is a really nice design and option for people who commute frequently. The only complaint I have is that this mount prevents me from using one of my cup holder because of where the cigarette lighter is placed in my car. That’s just a case of bad luck as I believe most people would have no problem with placement in their vehicles.

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SHINEDA Car Phone Charger Mount, Car Smartphone Holder with 2x Dual USB 2.1A Charger With Over Charge and Over Current Protection SD-384K (Holder K)