Shazam for Mac brings music identification to your desktop.

Have you ever found yourself humming a tune that you can’t place? That’s why Shazam was created. In 1999, Shazam was founded as a commercial smartphone-based music identification service. It uses a phone’s built-in microphone to sample music being played and compares it against a database for a match. If a match is found, Shazam then sends a report back to the user with the artist name, song title and album information. Shazam will also link services such as iTunes, YouTube and Spotify.

shazam1Shazam was originally designed for mobile devices, but has recently crossed over to the desktop platform. As of July 31, Shazam released Shazam for Mac, a utility app that serves to identify music the same way the mobile version does. Shazam for Mac operates in the background and can name tunes, TV shows or advertisements in seconds using the built-in microphone on your Mac desktop computer.

“Shazam on mobile instantaneously answers fans’ questions about what’s playing around them, at the touch of a button.  The magic of Shazam for Mac, is that it anticipates and answers these questions before they’re even asked,” said Shazam Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker.

With Shazam for Mac, you can leave the automatic identification function on so that the app is always working in the background and creating a playlist as it goes.

The installation process is very easy. Because it’s a menu bar utility you are given the option to have it launch at computer start-up. It’s very simplistic in its nature and has a very small footprint. As it identifies songs or other audio examples, a notification prompt appears on screen and then the information is added into the aforementioned playlist. The drop down from the menu bar icon includes the playlist and options to download it from iTunes or other store.

shazam2Preferences are limited from the menu utility, but you can share playlist items with friends on Facebook, Twitter or through Messages. You can also email support if you are having issues and look at version information easily.

I was pleasantly surprised that Shazam for Mac worked as well as the mobile versions do. It was a little slower than expected, but it did recognize the songs I played. Shazam for Mac is a nice utility app addition for your menu bar and with more and more commercials adding in audio identification for additional marketing for their products. Shazam for Mac is available for free from the App Store.

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