Shape Magic gives users three utilities in one.

In this ‘everything is better as long as it’s faster’ world, menu bar utilities are among some of the most popular apps downloaded. They make us more productive and help us complete our normal daily computer tasks much quicker and easier. Most of my current menu bar utilities only feature one task. But, I recently acquired Shape Magic, which incorporates three utility functions – Internet searching, taking screenshots and hiding apps – into one app.

Shape Magic is a menu bar utility that features three shapes – diamond, square and circle – that each illustrate a utility function. The Diamond holds the Internet Search function. Within the preferences of Shape Magic, users can select the search engines and websites in which to search. Upon selecting the shape, a spotlight-like search box appears for your search terms to be entered. The square exposes a user’s desktop by hiding all the visible applications. And, the circle allows users to take screenshots and save them to a specified location or to the clipboard.

These functions integrate with Mac OS seamlessly and are customizable to your personal preferences. Users are allowed to enable or disable any combination of the shapes and specify key combinations for the different functions that Shape Magic offers. For example, if you were used to the command + spacebar key combination for searching, you could program the Internet Search function to use that combination.

I find Shape Magic to be highly useful with increasing productivity. Because it does the work of three apps, I can have it open without using valuable computer resources that three apps would use. It’s very easy to use and I love that it’s so customizable.

I recommend this app to anyone who already uses similar apps.