In 2021, IT spending on enterprise software is expected to amount to around 599 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, with year-on-year growth exceeding 10 percent, the enterprise software market is the fastest-growing segment in the IT industry. 

Today, Setapp is publishing the results of the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Tools Report 2021. The survey looks into the relationship of small and medium-sized businesses employees in the US and UK with enterprise software — how they access it, which apps are on their go-to list, and whether they are happy with software they use on different devices and verticals. 

Some of the key takeaways of the app include:

  • 65% of the SME employees in the US and 75% of employees in the UK use a Windows computer at work
  • 39% of the employees choose apps for work from the company’s “internal app store”
  • 50% of the enterprises in the US and UK use Microsoft apps for team communication/ collaboration
  • 25% of the SME employees on both continents feel overwhelmed by the number of apps

This report is designed to provide helpful insights for developers willing to create better software for the modern workplace and for managers ready to make effective decisions choosing software for employees.

The 20-page report can be found here.

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