Small compact camera that shoots quality videos

From capturing driving accidents, to documenting a road trip, a dash cam is a great device to have installed in your car.  I’ve witnessed accidents happen and I’ve been involved in them (not my fault).  Also I see a lot of random crazy things happen while driving.  The SENWOW car camcorder makes it possible to capture these random moments.

I feel obligated to point out the fact that on the box the word camcorder is spelled incorrectly.  I can’t hold it against the product because it’s actually a really nice camera.  The camera has a 3 inch LED screen and is pretty light weight.   The camera comes with a 32 GB SD card so I didn’t have to purchase one separately.  Also included is a mount with suction, car charger, and a USB data cable.  Installing it in my car was very simple.  It also hasn’t budged since I installed it.

SENWOW Full HD 1080P Car Dash Cam REVIEW

The testing went pretty smoothly.  I made sure I wouldn’t have an issue with the camera falling down by trying to pull it off.  You would have to really be adamant about taking it off for it to move.  There are several features on this camera including gravity sensor, file locking, motion detection and parking guard. My favorite feature is the motion detection.  It will stop recording if there is no movement, once it detects movement it starts back up.  Playback on the phone does not include sound but rest assured I was able to hear sound clearly when the video was on my Macbook Pro.

SENWOW Full HD 1080P Car Dash Cam REVIEW

I was excited to see how well the dash camcorder performed.  To access the videos you just hook up the USB chord from the cam to the computer and it’s there.  The videos are really clear quality and the lighting auto adjusts nicely.  The camera can take quality videos at any time of day because it also has night vision.  The SD card included can hold up to 5 hours of 1080P video and there is also an option to decrease quality for extra recording time.  The only thing I wished was that it had a better battery life, because I tried using it without having to run the car charger over the top of my windshield.

If your looking for a simple to use car cam, I would recommend this one because the quality of the videos and the secure mounting.