A ‘win’ for home security monitoring.

Home monitoring can be simple and cost-effective.  Now that there are more home security cameras coming on the market that don’t require a paid subscription there are more opportunities to own one without hurting your wallet.  I don’t have a huge fear that my house is at risk for being broken in to but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Also, home security is nice for checking in on loved ones if you’re a busy worker, monitoring babies, and keeping an eye on the family that receives home health care.

SENS8 Wireless Home Security Camera REVIEW

Unboxing:  The Sens8 wireless home security camera comes packaged in a small box with the camera and AC adapter.  The camera has a nice sleek modern design in silver that could be placed on any shelf in the home.  For the majority of the time, I need it placed where I keep it close to an outlet even though this has wireless capability.  It does have a 2-hour battery life which isn’t a lot but if you needed to move it for a short period of time it would still work, or if you lose power to the house it will still continue to run for a short time.  The Sens8 allows the user to control the camera and monitor the video feed from their free App – Sens8.  One important thing to be aware of if you are looking at purchasing this specific device is that it only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi at this time. So if you have a 5 GHz WiFi network, the camera cannot be set up. It will just continue to fail when you try to connect it to your network.

SENS8 Wireless Home Security Camera REVIEW

The camera’s main features include:

  • 1080p HD Video Recording
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • 8G Local Storage
  • Temperature, Humidity, Light and Sound Detection
  • Wireless Capability
  • 1-year Warranty

Testing:  I think I only spent about 5 minutes total setting up the camera.  I like quick and simple setups and this one is a win in that category.  I downloaded the app to my iPhone 7 Plus and signed up with my email address and a password. Then, I was ready to sync the device.  It prompts you as to what you will be looking for the device to be doing and what to do when it does it.  Once I had it connected the app shows an outdoor temp, indoor temp, and humidity.  That’s a good thing to monitor especially during the winter because of the risk of pipes freezing.  I can set to arm the device when I am not home and it detects movement and sends a notification to my iPhone.  There’s also an event log that you can look over as well.  The camera picture itself is really nice and remains clear.  When I moved the camera, it adjusted to black and white then focused back into color.  The night vision looks really good and allows me to see what I need to when the room is dark.

SENS8 Wireless Home Security Camera REVIEWSENS8 Wireless Home Security Camera REVIEW

Overall:  The Sens8 camera is a win.  From the ease of use to the great price point ($170) I think anyone looking to add a home security device would be more than happy using this camera.  You also have the option to set up multiple cameras throughout your house without having to pay a subscription and easily access all of them from the application.

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