Solidly constructed with strong phone mount. 

It seems like selfie sticks are here to stay unless you happen to be inside a Disney theme park or some other private location that has banned them. I decided that I should stop fighting it and give them a chance. This is a lie…I actually hate selfie sticks, but if I had to buy one it would be this sweet little number from SelfieGo.SelfieGO Bluetooth Selfie Monopod Stick Review 3

What I like:

  • SelfieGO Bluetooth Selfie Monopod Stick Review 4Solid construction and feel
  • Phone holder feels strong and secure
  • Easy phone insertion and removal
  • Easy wing nut adjustment of phone angle
  • Removable Bluetooth trigger with elastic band

What I Don’t Like:

  • Battery compartment on bluetooth trigger would not open
  • It’s a selfie stick

SelfieGO Bluetooth Selfie Monopod Stick Review 5As mentioned above, there is a lot to like about this product if you are in the market for a selfie stick. The phone holder is strong and can accommodate a wide variety of phone sizes. The wireless Bluetooth trigger is both convenient while attached to the handle or around one of your fingers. It’s also a plus that it will work with Android or iOS devices.

The only real negative I encountered was that the battery compartment of the Bluetooth trigger is impossible to open without damaging the plastic. Ironically, I would not have even noticed this except that the unit comes with a spare battery, which while thoughtful also drew attention to the fact that I could not open the battery compartment. This likely won’t be an issue for awhile since we’re talking about low power Bluetooth, but it will eventually be an issue and it’s the only reason I’m giving 4 stars instead of five. Perhaps my unit had an issue and others would be fine, but I cannot say for sure without trying another unit.