Seidio OBEX iPhone Case provides ultimate protection for the active lifestyle.

I love my iPhone. I also like a wide variety of activities in life. Most of the time the do do not go hand in hand at all. I have been walking around CES 2016 living life dangerously. No case. No protective glass. Completely unprotected. I ran into some nice folks from Seidio that understand that I need protection while still providing a slim and functional profile. At first glance, Seidio’s OBEX iPhone case looked like a few of the other cases on the market right now. As it turns out, I was very wrong

The packaging for the cases is very simple and straight to the point. No time was spent on elaborate packaging, which focused all the development effort on the case. The OBEX is advertised as being impact, snow, water, and waterproof. I didn’t waste anytime getting my phone in the case. This is where I saw one of my favorite features. With some of the other similar cases on the market, there is a gasket that is free-floating in between the front and back plates. When there is a breach in the other cases, this is where it generally comes from. Seidio solves this by incorporating the gasket directly into the case itself saving me the hassle of praying that the seal is perfect and won’t leak.

One of the biggest setbacks with other waterproof cases is that they tend to be a bit thicker and bulkier. The OBEX is not that case. I like that my iPhone’s design. It is very thin, and keeping the overall profile thin is very important for me. The OBEX’s case is made of a durable plastic with a rubber bumper guard all along the outside edge giving you a better grip on the phone so the phone doesn’t slide around in the hand. The attached screen cover is very thin and responsive to touch. I have tried a few other cases where the screen cover is thick and not very functional. After a few minutes I forgot that it was even there. My iPhone does have the Touch ID and the screen has an integrated cover over the button that has a little give to it making Home Button clicks easy and fingerprint reading very smooth. You can run your finger along the screen directly to the button seamlessly.

Seidio OBEX iPhone Case Review

The water, dust, and snow protection is everything that Seidio claims it is. I took the phone straight to water. It worked great in a hot tub and shower. When wet it still had the same responsiveness as it did when it was dry. I pulled the OBEX case apart and everything was bone dry just as if it had never touched water. The few impact tests that I did were on concrete and wood from about five feet. No scratches or damage came to the phone as well as no damage to the case itself.

The side buttons in the rubber sides have a very low profile, keeping them from snagging on any thing.  The bottom has to rubber flaps. On for the the headphone jack, which comes with a head phone jack extension, and one for the Lightning port. This is where the only problem came about. The opening under the rubber for the port is a bit small, making most third party cords unable to fit. I tend to stick to Apple chargers exclusively, so this wasn’t really an issue for me, but I can see this being an issue for others.

The actual phone functionality was great. I could hear out of the speakers – both the bottom and ear speakers – without losing any quality. The microphone was the same way.

I live a very active lifestyle and I can’t see myself changing to any other case. If the Seidio OBEX case can survive with me, then it can survive and perform for anybody.

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