Seidio Luma iPhone 6 Plus Case add flare and protection to phones.

Seidio Luma iPhone 6 Plus Case ReviewUnlike most people these days, I don’t have an annoyingly loud ringtone or clip of some random song that nobody cares about. I can’t usually hear my phone at work because it’s set to silent or vibrate. The iPhone has an awesome accessibility feature that flashes the camera flash for alerts. The downside to this is that it sometimes freaks people out and blinds you while you are driving.

Seidio Luma iPhone 6 Plus Case ReviewSeidio’s Luma iPhone 6 Plus Case let’s me still keep my flash alerts with style and show off the beautiful craftsmanship of the iPhone itself. When considering any iPhone case, I ask myself three main questions.

  1. Will it actually protect the phone?
  2. Will it be bulky?
  3. Will it be attractive?

Seidio met all of my criteria with a little beauty. The Luma is a clear and rubberized plastic case with a sturdy construction. The rubberized edges keep the phone in your hand with no worries of slipping. Being clear let’s the case show off the natural beauty of the iPhone while still protecting the phone. All three things that I look for in a case were met with a little something extra.

The Luma’s real feature is the light up bumpers around all of the edges of the case. As I have said, I used the flash notification on my iPhone. It’s just a bright white light, kind of plain and boring. The Luma let’s you customize your experience. By putting a small door over the rear camera flash and installing any of the five color plates (white, green, blue, red, and yellow), you get the bumper that lights up in that color for any notification. Before, people would look at me like I was crazy when I receive any notification. After adding the Luma to my phone, people ask me where I got it. Switching out color plates is really simple. With the case empty, you remove one screw that holds the plate on. Seideo included a small screw driver for easy of use. After removing the screw, you replace the plate it with your choice of color. The door for the flash needs to be closed for the effect, but can be left open for all of your picture needs.

Seidio Luma iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

Luma is a nice, simple protective case with extra added flare. It’s a great option for someone who wants just a little bit more out of their case.

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