Strong, sleek-looking secure flash drive.

For the longest time, I didn’t think much about cybersecurity. I just didn’t worry about it. But, within the past few years, I’ve become very aware of it with all the security breaches that have occurred. So, I started turning to different sources for keeping my data safe. One of my favorite options is a SecureUSB KP from Secure Data. 


The SecureUSB KP is a hardware encrypted USB Flash Drive. It is compatible with any operating system and device as long as it has a USB port. The SecureUSB KP is designed to provide a secure option for storing information on a portable drive. The flash drive features an onboard keypad for user-authentication and military-grade hardware encryption. The SecureUSB KP does not require third-party software and there is a cloud backup option and antivirus built into the flash drive. The minimum system requirements for using the SecureUSB KP is a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port and the operating system that will support it. 

SecureUSB KP Encrypted USB Drive REVIEW


  • Capacity: 4 GB – 128 GB
  • Size: With Sleeve H: 78mm W: 20mm L: 10mm 
  • Without Sleeve H: 65mm W: 20mm L: 10mm
  • Weight: With Sleeve: 22 grams 
  • Without Sleeve: 14 grams
  • Data transfer speed: Up to 152 MB per second read. Up to 118 MB per second write
  • Keypad: Wear resistant keypad
  • Security Module Validation: FIPS 140-2 Level-3 Validated
  • Authentication method: User Authentication via On Board Keypad
  • Interface: USB 3.0/3.1
  • Data Protection: Real-time military grade AES – XTS 256-bit Full-Disk Hardware Encryption
  • Waterproof: IP57 Rated
  • Tamper-evident: Protected with epoxy compound to prevent subversive physical access to the device.
  • Brute-force defense: Data destruction after 10 consecutive incorrect PIN entry attempts
  • Immune to Bad USB: Yes, no firmware updates allowed
  • Roles/Permissions: 1 Admin / 1 User
  • Read Only Mode: Yes
  • Inactivity Autolock: Yes, predefined times between 0 and 60 minutes
  • OS Compatibility: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, Thin Clients, VMWare, Citrix Embedded Systems (No software or drivers needed)
  • Regulatory Approvals: FCC, CE
  • Warranty:  3 Year (limited)
SecureUSB KP Encrypted USB Drive REVIEW


Even though I’ve not had the strongest relationship with cyber-security protection in the past, I have actually had the opportunity in the past couple of years to test out some really cool Cloak ‘N’ Dagger type equipment. Surprisingly enough, this is not the first USB drive with a built-in keypad that I’ve tested out. I do, however,  like this one from SecureData more than the other brand I tested. The operation of the flash drive is pretty straightforward. You enter your pin, plug it in, and use it as you would normally use a flash drive. 


One thing I want to point out before I get much farther along is that I have a 2016 MacBook Pro. That means that in order to connect to this drive I had to use a hub since I only have USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports on my laptop. I opted to use the StayGo from Twelve South, which transfers using USB-C as my hub. Using this hub, I was able to connect without any issues to the SecureUSB KP. I did accidentally disconnect the drive once and it immediately locked — as it should. 

SecureUSB KP Encrypted USB Drive REVIEW

Secure Data makes using the flash drive very easy. A Quick Start Guide is included with the drive and it provides all the instructions for unlocking and locking the drive. One of the things I really like is that it clearly points out that the drive will be erased if a brute force hack is attempted (after 10 failed passcode attempts). There is a full user manual available online, but the Quick Start Guide does a good job of providing the basic operations. 

When I test out a storage device I always like to run it through Blackmagic Disk Speed Test to see exactly what kind of speeds I’m getting from it. According to the specs from SecureData, users should be able to expect receiving up to 152 MB per second read and up to 118 MB per second write data transfer speeds.  When I ran the Blackmagic Speed Test, the results were exactly in line with that. 

SecureUSB KP Encrypted USB Drive REVIEW


The SecureUSB KP is a very hearty flash drive. I love how protected it is not only in terms of the data encryption, but also because of the waterproof/dustproof rating (IP57). It’s a good looking device and it works easily. Keeping data secure is more important now than it ever has been before. This tiny flash drive is perfect for carrying trade secrets with you when you need to keep them safe. I feel like the SecureUSB KP is a good investment for keeping your portable data safe. 

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