SeatGeek for iOS makes purchasing tickets a breeze.


I remember a time when you had to visit the box office of a venue in order to purchase tickets. Ticketmaster was indeed the ‘master’ and holder of all the tickets. Scalpers were limited to those persons who for one reason or another had extra tickets to unload from the front curb of the stadium. I also remember when tickets for event became available through online sales. I remember them being one of the first things that people bought online and helped online customers feel comfortable making online purchases. Since that time, there are many ticket resellers and retailers online. Some sell tickets for face value and some make a hefty profit. Either way, these resellers have created an online web of retail outlets for tickets. That web can be difficult to navigate unless you have an app like SeatGeek.


Summarized as “Kayak for event tickets,” SeatGeek aggregates ticket listings from over 120 resellers online. This includes major sites like EBay and Ticket Exchange as well as regional and local brokers. SeatGeek gives the user an option to search based off of specific criteria like artist, venue or location or the user can browse events close to his or her current location. Once a selection is made for searching, the user is presented with a list of event options. When an event is selected, a seating chart appears along with suggestions for similar events nearby. If you find a seat and price you like, you can purchase seats directly through the app’s interface.

My favorite part of this app is the seating chart. Most ticket websites include a venue seat chart, but the one included with SeatGeek places colored dots on the diagram hat coincide with the list of resellers/prices.

Ticket selling has come a long way from walking up to a box office on foot. If you frequent events, I would suggest downloading this app.