ScreenFlow 5 for Mac is the video editing, screen-casting solution for all your video presentations and demonstrations.


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When I first started writing reviews, I would take my Sony camera and hold it over my iPhones screen to demonstrate its functions for my review. It was the same story with my Mac. I began thinking that there had to be a better way of showing demonstrations for review.  Soon after that, I found ScreenFlow. I fell in love with it almost immediately. It completed every task I needed – video editing, screencasting, presentations, etc.

Years have gone by and new versions have come and gone, but I’m still writing reviews and using the app. Developer Telestream has just release ScreenFlow 5, the biggest update to ScreenFlow in some time. With ScreenFlow 5 you will see a streamlined design change to flow with Apple’s recent OS X Yosemite release.

Some of the newest features of ScreenFlow 5 include:

  • ScreenFlow-3More options for recording — Recording Monitor, Add markers while recording, Customize recording frame rate, Native Support for MPEG Transport Stream/AVCHD File Format
  • Timesaving, powerful editing features —  Streamlined new actions, Snapback actions, Action templates, “Touch” callouts, Direct access iPhoto and iTunes Library from the Media Library, Improved media handling, Smoother playback of files using the Telestream Media Framework, Rolling edits, SRT Import, Color labels on clips, Clip-based markers, One-click clean up sources not being used
  • Exciting new export and sharing options — Batch export, Publish to Wistia, App Preview export option, Save a Local Copy when publishing

ScreenFlow-4One of the newest options that immediately caught my attention was the ability to record directly from an iOS device. Until now, I had to use a secondary app to record demos from my iOS devices. Now, it’s all contained within ScreenFlow. As a reviewer, this makes me very happy because it simplifies my process. I know this will be a helpful tool for developers, too, as they can showcase the different features of their apps much easier through the ScreenFlow process. One important Note — in order to use the iOS device recording feature, you must be using Mac OS X 10.10, iOS 8, and a lightning/USB connection between your device and the Mac.

ScreenFlow-5ScreenFlow 5 is a fantastic tool, not only for reviewers and developers, but also for giving business presentations and just editing videos. It has a very intuitive interface and allows for easy sharing to web outlets like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, Google Drive or Dropbox. Because it now has native support for MPEG transport, ScreenFlow handles the compression of high-quality videos to MP4 very well. I would say it handles the compression as well as if not better than Final Cut Pro X.

ScreenFlow-1Although it may not be directly compared to other video editors because its first use is for screencasting, I have some fairly advanced experience using Final Cut Pro as a video editor as well as ScreenFlow. I continue to be highly impressed with how ScreenFlow’s framework and algorithms handle annotations and video actions — particularly the zoom functions. I’ve done a lot of zoom-in edits before in Final Cut Pro and find that they come out looking grainy. But, with ScreenFlow, zooms are fluid, smooth and handled with ease.

ScreenFlow 5 is a innovative video editing, screen-casting solution for any project or presentation you might have. It retails for $99.99 and is available through Telestream or the Mac App Store. There is a note that the Mac App Store version is different from the version from Telestream. Visit this link to read about the differences —

For more information visit Telestream does offer a free trial of ScreenFlow.