Scottii iPhone 6 Plus Case provides protection and style.

I like switching up phone cases frequently.  I have an iPhone 6 Plus and cases that are slim and light, but offer protection without taking away from the thin design of the iPhone are what I gravitate towards.  The Scottii Luxurii iPhone 6 Plus case meets that criteria.

The tagline on the packaging “it’s so you” was right.  The case is slim with and has two pieces.  It i made out of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate.  The design of the case is carbon fiber in a lovely gold color.  The sides and the bottom portion of the case have a nice golden cream sheen look.  I really like the contrast of the buttons being a shiny golden color which makes them stand out. The texture of the phone case is really smooth but not in a cheap plastic way.  Edging around the phone screen is not flush with the phone, adding protection from the phone screen laying directly on a surface.

Scottii iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

I do not intentionally drop my phone for my testing but I do bang the case alone on surfaces.  The phone case seems to be pretty sturdy and the buttons are on there securely. I ran my nails on the case and it didn’t leave any scratch marks.  The best part about this case, is that the area to plug in your charger, and headphones is large enough where you shouldn’t run into an issue of not being able to plug something in. As durable as the case is, I was surprised that out of the box, there were a couple of scratch marks on the back bottom corner. It must have been a manufacturing defect and not from shipping/handling because from what I saw and experienced, the case was very strong.

Scottii iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

The only thing I wish is that the area where you can silence your phone was a little less deep.  I could see it being a pain for people with large fingers or nail biters. I really like this case and I feel like it “is so me”.  While the case I had was gold to match the Apple Gold brand color, Scottii does offer additional colors – dark blue and dark gray.

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