A great charging combo for iOS users.

One of my greatest concerns about having a USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 based computer is how I connect to my mobile devices. I’m a child of Apple so I have a MacBook Pro (2016, 13-inch), iPhone XS, and iPad Pro. Therefore, my main interface between computer and mobile device is Lightning cable to USB-C. Well, that is a cable that did not come with either my laptop or my mobile devices and it must be specially purchased. While Apple does offer this cable, there are third party options, too. Some third party sellers you have to be cautious of, but one that I’ve really enjoyed working with is Scosche. They now have a line of products called Strikeline USB-C and part of that product family is a USB-C to Lightning cable. 

Scosche StrikeLine USB-C to Lightning Cable and PowerVOLT USB-C Fast Charger REVIEW


This MFi certified cable is power delivery compatible and will work with Lightning capable devices as well as USB-C enabled ones. Because it can handle power delivery, the cable is designed for fast transfer rates and high-efficiency charging and syncing. It can charge up to three times faster than standard Lightning cables can. Scosche also made the cable with a reversible Type-C connector. The cable is also backed by Scosche’s lifetime guarantee. 

Scosche StrikeLine USB-C to Lightning Cable and PowerVOLT USB-C Fast Charger REVIEW

As stated above, the cable is compatible with power delivery and fast charging, but it needs a fast charging power adapter to be able to meet those standards. The PowerVolt USB-C Fast Charger is the ideal companion for the Strikeline cable. The PowerVolt charger is the 3X more powerful than typical chargers and it delivers an impressive 18W output. The charger features the latest USB Power Delivery 3.0 technology for fast charging speed. It’s compact and its prongs fold up into itself so you can store it away easily. Its specs promise a 70% charge in 30 minutes. 

Scosche StrikeLine USB-C to Lightning Cable and PowerVOLT USB-C Fast Charger REVIEW


The packaging for both the cable and the charger were pretty standard for Scosche products. They came in white boxes with short descriptions on the front along with pictures of the products stamped on the front. The backs of the boxes included additional information and the cable lists all of the devices it’s compatible with. Inside the boxes I found both the cable and the charger in their respective packages. There were no instructions or details that accompanied them other than what was on the outside of the box. 

Scosche StrikeLine USB-C to Lightning Cable and PowerVOLT USB-C Fast Charger REVIEW

Operation, as you might imagine, is simply plug the cable into a Lightning capable device and the other end into either a USB-C port on a computer or into the charger from Scosche. I didn’t have any issues with the cable snapping into place on my iPhone XS. One of the things I always test with Lightning products is to define whether or not they will sync data in addition to charging the device’s battery. The Scosche Strikeline cable passed this test with flying colors. My MacBook Pro recognized that my phone was plugged in within a couple of seconds and I was able to backup/update my phone as it was tethered to my laptop. 


The second test I ran was to plug the wall charger into a power outlet and charge my iPhone. One of the things I noticed right away was that the USB-C cable end didn’t fit flush against the charger. It did click into place, but it was still sticking out of the port a fraction of an inch. This didn’t seem to effect how the phone charged with the cable/charger combo. When I plugged in the phone, it was sitting at 21%. After 20 minutes, the phone gained 34% and after an additional 67 minutes, the battery was at 97% total. That translates to a charging rate of 0.87% per minute. 

Scosche StrikeLine USB-C to Lightning Cable and PowerVOLT USB-C Fast Charger REVIEW


Scosche puts out a really nice product and I really love having the Strikeline USB-C to Lightning cable and PowerVolt Fast Charger in my laptop bag at the ready. It’s a great dual-purpose cable for charging and syncing my mobile devices and the charger is an awesome companion piece. The two pieces together will be an investment of approximately $50, which is very close to the same amount you would pay for the Apple original products. I do like the Scosche products better because they are designed with a bit more flexibility. The cable is thicker and seems to be a bit tougher than the Apple cable and the charger is easier to transport than the Apple version because the prongs fold in. Scosche definitely gets my vote for a solid cable and charging adapter or iOS/macOS devices.

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