Waterproof armband heart rate monitor for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts

SCHOSCHE Industries innovators of award-winning consumer technology, powersports and car audio products and accessories, has announced the availability of RHYTHM24, the next generation of SCHOSCHE’s hyper-accurate waterproof armband heart rate monitor. RHYTHM24 builds on the company’s commitment to performance-enhancing precision biometrics and athletics. The RHYTHM24 features an updated design, expanded features, and variable activity modes to ensure accurate biometric measurements are captured, stored, and share with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ devices like smart/sport watches, smartphones, tablets, exercise equipment and more.

RHYTHM24 boasts a 24-hour battery life, an IP68 sweatproof/waterproof rating, five changeable training/use zones/modes and two multi-modes (designed for biathletes and triathletes training and activities), an LED battery indicator and on-board data recording. The recording feature allows users to leave their mobile devices behind while they do their fitness activities and then upload their workout data later. RHYTHM24 heart monitoring modes offer a wide range of data capturing, including heart rate variability (HRV) mode, which allows users to monitor the time between each heartbeat for increased stress and recovery tracking. The device also features heart rate profiles for a variety of activities, including swimming, running, and cycling.

The RHYTHM24 measures blood flow and movement to calculate heart rate and calories burned more accurately than conventional heart rate monitors. The monitor is a silicone and polycarbonate hybrid with a soft elastic strap, which makes it both comfortable and functional during indoor or outdoor workouts. The device is compatible with hundreds of the most popular fitness apps, such as RunKeeper, Map My Fitness, Strava and all other apps that support Bluetooth Smart, as well as fitness devices that support ANT+ technology, allowing users to utilize their data across numerous platforms.

RHYTHM24 employs both green and yellow optical sensors which provide superior measurement across all skin tones.

RHYTHM24 integrates the latest advances in Valencell, Inc.’s PerformTek sensor technology which continuously measures heart rate to provide a highly accurate and consistent reading during virtually any exercise in nearly any physical environment. PerformTek sensor technology is clinically validated by leading research institutions and proven through extensive consumer testing.

RHYTHM24 is now available for $99.99, as well as its interchangeable armbands in black, pink, blue, purple and green for $14.99, at SCOSCHE.com and at leading consumer tech and fitness product retailers.

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