Incredibly compact charging cable for iOS devices.

Given the mobile environment we live in, we all tend to need a little more of a charge in our lives. I am constantly on the go. Wherever I go, my trusty iPhone goes as well. Because of my job, I have to stay connected so that my employees can reach me wherever I go. Since it is always with me, that means I am constantly using it, which sadly, drains the battery pretty fast. I try to keep a charger of some kind nearby at all times, but it becomes difficult keeping track of a practical charging cable. For some time, I carried around the typical Apple Lightning cable, but they become frayed with lots of use and taking a long, tangled cord mess isn’t really ideal for my lifestyle. Thankfully, premium accessory company Scosche has a great solution for me with the ClipSync Portable Lightning Cable.

Scosche ClipSync Portable Lightning Charging Cable REVIEW

The ClipSync is a portable clip-on cable that allows you to always have a cable on-the-go. A Carabiner is included with the cable so that you can keep it with you on your keys, bag, or even on a belt loop. The Carabiner is actually a unique design because it’s a perfect circle. I love this design because it really stands out. The cable features a reversible connector to ensure a perfect fit. When it’s folded up and closed, the ClipSync is only 3 inches in length, which is ideal for traveling.

Scosche ClipSync Portable Lightning Charging Cable REVIEW

The one thing I always leave the house with every time — besides my wallet and iPhone — is my keys. The ClipSync attaches conveniently to my key ring. The double bay dongle (I.e. Where you plug the cord into for storage) feels very rugged and the USB and Lightning port fit snugly and securely into it. At first glance, I saw a potential issue, but after using it I quickly changed my mind. The charging cable is my favorite part and not because it’s the most important. At only 4.5 inches long fully extended, it would be terribly hard to get it tangled up, especially when in the dongle. The cable is a thick flat rubber cord that resists tangling and much like the dongle is very rugged. Unlike some of the other cords on the market, the ClipSync charges and syncs so you can do whatever you need to with your iOS devices.

Scosche ClipSync Portable Lightning Charging Cable REVIEW

The ClipSync has become an everyday carry item for me and not just for the portability. My only concern now is that someone can easily take my precious charging device off of my key ring fairly easily.

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