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One of the highlights of grade school for me was Scholastic book day. I always loved the thrill of seeing what was available from the book club and ordering new books. On my search for new apps, I stumbled upon an app that had a Scholastic Book logo on it. Seeing that app made me wonder how my old Scholastic book club was evolving with the age of technology.

My first visit was to to see how the company is doing. I was happy to see that the company not only still does the book club, but they have expanded their classroom program to include internet sales as well as apps.

Scholastic Storia is designed to engage readers of all ages through age appropriate learning activities. Storia is free to download and comes with 5 free eBooks. You can download more books from the Scholastic’s library, which is growing every day.

Scholastic also created an iPhone app to assist families with reading each day. Scholastic Reading Timer is an interactive stopwatch. It encourages good reading habits by timed practice. The app also provides daily tips and book lists for parents.

Scholastic continues to impress me even as an adult. They provide many tools for educators, students and families. If you have never looked into Scholastic before, I encourage you to do so now.