Readdle added OCR to Scanner Pro and it was worth the wait

Scanner Pro has been one of the apps that I always install on new iOS devices. It’s been a must have app and I always mention it when people ask, “What apps should I download?” For me, Scanner Pro is right up there with 1Password. It’s a very useful app and really allows you to have a scanner in your pocket. You can scan everything from books to receipts and have a digital record of that document on your mobile device. Today, the awesome team at Readdle released an update to this wonderful app – Scanner Pro 7. It has many new features including OCR, or text recognition. This is a feature I have been awaiting for quite some time (over a year now) and I believe it will help my workflow substantially.

Scanner Pro 7 iOS App Review, Now Available with OCR

Scanner Pro focuses on providing the best scanning experience and does a marvelous job of doing so. It’s fast and easy when it comes to scanning. You simply tap on the “+” and then center your camera over whatever you want scanned. The app uses advanced technology and smart algorithms to maximize the built-in iOS camera’s functionality. Scanner Pro will take a picture of y our document and then automatically detect the edges, fix geometry, remove shadows and visual defects to make a beautiful scan. It’s a great option when you are traveling or even just away from your desk. You can pull your phone from your pocket and scan a receipt for an expense report, or scan a contract rather than making multiple paper copies. It’s a remarkable app.

Scanner Pro 7 iOS App Review, Now Available with OCR

With this latest updated there are several major features – including OCR – that need to be highlighted.

  1. Distortion Correction – This technology is a “behind the scenes” feature and you won’t even know that it’s there. But, Distortion Correction does ensure you a more perfect scan that previous versions because it corrects for things like book spines, or crinkles in papers.
  2. Scanner Pro 7 iOS App Review, Now Available with OCRWorkflows – With Scanner Pro 7, you can now create automated tasks. I’ve mentioned scanning receipts several times in this article and I think that’s because it seems like the most practical use of a portable scanner. With this new Workflow feature, you can set-up an automation like “Receipt Tracking,” which is an example that the developer created. What they did in this case was create a Workflow that renamed the scans and then distributed it through various channels – email, saving to Dropbox, saving to Evernote, etc. It saves a huge amount of time when you can just tap the screen once and have all this done.
  3. OCR (Optional Character Recognition) – This is probably the coolest new feature of Scanner Pro 7. OCR detects the text on the page and allows you to select and copy the text for other purposes. This is a HUGE help when it comes to scanning documents. Sometimes you want to make a quick adjustment to a contract or a other legal document, but don’t have your computer with you. With OCR, you could scan it, copy the text, paste it into a program like Pages, make your edits, and then save it back out so the other party can sign the revised document. Again, this is a great time saver and a very welcome addition to the app.

In my limited time testing out the new features of Scanner Pro 7, I’ve been very impressed with the speed of the app and integration of these new features. OCR has already become a great asset to me. In order to enable this feature, you will need to go into the settings of the app and turn it on. It’s very easy to use and makes the app that much more valuable.

Scanner Pro 7 iOS App Review, Now Available with OCR

Scanner Pro 7 continues to be a MUST HAVE APP for me. It’s very well designed, functional, and feature-rich. If you already have Scanner Pro, version 7.0 is a free upgrade, but if you are downloading it for the first time, it will cost $3.99. This is actually a discounted rate from its original retail price.

DOWNLOAD – Scanner Pro 7 – $3.99 50% OFF (Free Upgrade) – iOS

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