Extremely affordable, well-design headphones.

My number one go-to type of headphones when being active has to be over-the-ear Earbuds.  It takes the convenience of the small size of  Earbuds but is much more stable when moving around.  The fact that this pair is water-resistant with an 8-hour battery life increases the appeal to users needing a headphone for work out sessions.

SBODE SPORT Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Headphones REVIEW

Unboxing:  Immediately taking these out of the box my mind compared them to my Beats over-the-ear Earbuds.  However, there is a significant price difference and I was excited to see how these compare quality wise to them.  The SBODE Sport OTE headphones are black with red detail and both earpieces are connected by a short wire that you wear behind your neck.  They come with a small, compact hard shell case, different sizes of inner ear pieces, and a USB charging cable. These have 3 control buttons that are all on the right earpiece.  I like that the on/off button is on the outer side instead of the top of the earpiece.  The inner ear pieces that came already on the Earbuds were a perfect fit for me and since it had a charge already they were good to connect right away.

SBODE SPORT Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Headphones REVIEW

Testing:  Pairing the device with my iPhone 7 Plus was very simple.  When I turned them on by holding down the power button until it notified me it was ready to pair.  I connected to Bluetooth under the name SBODE 08.  These headphones also have a bonus perk for iPhone users.  If you quickly click the power button you are able to connect to Siri.  They also connect with Android devices.  The only flaw I found was when I tried to disconnect I would end up pulling up Siri before they turned off.  I received a few calls while using these and the clarity of the call was great and I had no issues with call connectivity.  The battery life and charging time are great.  It took 1 hour to charge to full charge for me.  With an empty battery, it should take 1.5 hours to get an 8 hour play time.  The distance between device and headphones allowed me to walk everywhere in my 2-floor, 1,500 sq. ft. townhouse without disconnecting.

SBODE SPORT Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Headphones REVIEW

While wearing these I tested a variety of music.  The volume turned all the way up has a loud sound and that’s a plus if you’re in a noisy area.  The sound quality is pretty good but falls short with bass.  That would be the only downfall compared to my pair of Beats.  These do shine with the higher tones and vocals.  I think the sound quality is awesome for the price and even though they don’t have a hard-hitting bass they are loud, clear, and allow me to still hear even if there’s a lot of external noise around me.

Overall:  These are an extremely affordable nice pair of headphones and I would recommend these to anyone needing a good pair of headphones to use for a variety of reasons.

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