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Savelist is an app for online shoppers, and it could be useful for everyone’s upcoming holiday shopping. It can be used as a smartphone app or a Chrome extension. I’ve been using both the iOS app and the Chrome extension, as they work well together. So I’ll be reviewing the combination more than either individual aspect. I got the app first and signed up for an account, and then I just had to log in on the chrome extension, and the one thing I had saved on my phone already showed up.

Savelist iOS App REVIEW Savelist iOS App REVIEW Savelist iOS App REVIEW

Saving items to Savelist is easy. There’s a toolbar button for Chrome, and you can easily add Savelist to your share options on iOS. You can create multiple lists to keep your saved items organized. You can also set it up so that Savelist notifies you when the price of a saved item drops. This feature is especially helpful with Amazon items, as prices fluctuate there fairly often. One thing that’s a bit annoying, however, is that most Amazon items already have a sort of slashed price discount, which will always show up as a price drop, even if it’s been that price forever. Savelist does remember what the price was at the time you originally saved the item, however, so you can keep track that way. You can also set notifications to only show up if the price drops a certain percentage or to email you instead.

Savelist iOS App REVIEW Savelist iOS App REVIEW

Savelist is a useful tool for keeping track of products you want to buy somewhere in the not-too-immediate future from a specific site. If you’re waiting for a splurge item to go on sale or for a hard-to-find item to come back in stock, Savelist would work for you. It doesn’t find the product across multiple sites (unless you manually add multiples of the same product from different sites to your list), so there isn’t that comparative aspect which is pretty important for internet shopping, but it definitely has its uses.

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