Use your old USB peripherals with this sleek hub from Satechi.

Satechi makes a lot of wonderful products to compliment Apple gear. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to try out many of them and I’ve always been impressed. So, it should come as no surprise that when I started working out my USB-C setup because of my 2016 MacBook Pro, I turned to them for a connectivity solution. One of the options I was presented with was the Type-C USB Hub. This hub is portable and can take the place of a massive dock or multiple dongles that you might need to connect to your favorite peripherals.

Something I really appreciate about Satechi is that the exude style while still being minimalist with their packaging and designs. The box that the hub came in was the standard clean, white, Satechi-branded box with a clear photo of the product on the front. There aren’t any complicated instructions that came along with it just the hub stabilized by some molded plastic inside the branded box. It’s very simple but very effective.


The hub really makes it possible for you to connect with your favorite peripherals with minimal cables. You have a single USB-C plug that attaches directly to your MacBook/MacBook Pro. On the opposite side, you will find three standard USB ports (3.0), an SD card slot, and a Micro SD card slot. While these are fairly standard ports that you will need to connect to, there is a lack of display and audio connections. That’s just something to think about when you are planning your set-up. I would like to note that I find it a little odd that Satechi chose to line up the ports the way they did. I would have put all three USB ports next to each other instead of splitting them up with the SD card slots. It’s also important to note here that Satechi highlights that you cannot use both the SD card and Micro SD card slots at the same time. This is not a deal breaker to me as we can’t access two cards at the same time anyways.


My primary testing was done on my 2016 MacBook Pro with TouchBar. I found that transfer speeds were very quick and that my computer registered everything plugged into the hub. I do, however, want to point out one small flaw in the design. The male USB-C connector that comes out from the hub doesn’t quite fit flush with the new MacBook Pro. I believe this is because the hub was designed for the MacBook and was released prior to the 2016 MacBook Pro edition. The hub will still work and do what you need it to do, but for those of us with OCD, this gap may cause a bit of anxiety.

The hub is available in three colors — the three main Mac colors — Gold, Space Gray, and Silver. Now, users also have the option of a Rose Gold MacBook, but again, this hub was released prior to the newest colors were announced. I think the colors match perfectly and when/if Satechi decides to roll out Rose Gold with its accessories, I’m sure it will also match.


The Type-C USB Hub from Satechi is a really nice accessory for your USB-C needs. Not only does it blend nicely with the Mac ecosystem, but it is also a really solid piece of technology.

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