Charge on the road with USB-C and Type-A Car Charger

Power is everything when you are on the go with mobile devices. It’s hard to always keep them charged, but there are several accessories that make it just a bit easier. One such device is the Satechi USB-C Car Charger Adapter. It makes it possible to charge your standard USB as well as USB-C compatible devices while you travel in your car.

Now, a USB car charger isn’t a new concept. It’s been around for years, but the fact that this one is made to work specifically with USB-C devices is what makes it unique. When I got my hands on this little device by Satechi I was actually USB-C device free. I charged my everyday devices using the standard USB port but didn’t really have a use for the USB-C port until a Google Pixel came my way and now I also have the new 2016 MacBook Pro. As of today, I have not tried to charge the laptop from my car, but I’ve had wonderful success charging the Google Pixel from my truck.

SATECHI Type-C USB Car Charger REVIEW Designed to Make Life Easier

The Satechi USB-C Car Charger Adapter allows you to charge two devices simultaneously – one USB-C and one USB-A compatible device. Like most car chargers, the Satechi charger has a LED indicator light that confirms that charging is, in fact, taking place. I have noticed that the charger is a little larger than some in the market and in one of our vehicles, it blocks a drink holder when it’s plugged in, but that can easily be planned around.

With lots of new technology landing that uses USB-C, you will find more and more accessory makers creating compatible devices to make life easier. The problem with this is, what product and manufacturer should you trust? What will give you the best experience while not causing any damage to your precious new tech?

Satechi has been a solid company in my book for some time. I’ve had issues with some of their devices but with all companies nobody’s perfect. With that said they did, however, find a way to get this little simple charger to be as close to perfect as you can get with this style device. Not only does it look super slick but it’s functional. Having the option to charge phones using USB-C and standard Type-A USB is awesome. I can keep my iPhone powered while also giving my Pixel some juice.

SATECHI Type-C USB Car Charger REVIEW Designed to Make Life Easier

So far my experience with this little device has been pretty good. I’ve not had any issues with my phones not receiving enough power or with any fuses popping. I can say from experience with a cheaper car charger I owned while on the road having it catch fire was an eye-opening experience for me to learn that you get what you pay for so when looking for a product to use with your $900 iPhone, $600 Pixel or whatever phone you use that cheaper is not always better. In most cases, cheaper is cheaper.

Satechi has a decent charger for the car here and if you’re in the market for powering your products on the go this might be one to check out.

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