Perfect mouse for the part time gamer and lover of movies, the Satechi Edge provides gaming and video modes.

One of the most iconic accessories for your computer is the mouse.  The device was invented by Douglas Engelbart and Bill English in the 1960’s and patented in 1970.  Parts of the mouse, namely the trackball, were previously utilized by the military and deemed classified during WW2.  Starting as a multi-wheeled device, the mechanical mouse was later upgraded to an inverted trackball.  Within the mouse was a ball that would roll as you moved the device around.  This motion would translate into X/Y coordinates on rubberized rollers.  This replaced the external wheels of the original devices and drastically enhanced the sensitivity. Anyone who has used a classic mouse knows the frustration of having to clean off the debris from the wheels.  Gone are the days of alcohol and tips trying to get your mouse to actually roll again.  These mice were utilized up until the 1990’s and then the optical/laser mouse took over.  Originally the mouse had to be used on a set mouse pad, to allow for translation of location.  That technology was also replaced, to allow nearly any surface to serve as a mousepad.

Modern upgrades to the mouse can be found in the gaming market.  Gaming mice seem to be everywhere, and with no set definition, any mouse can be a gaming mouse.  Some of the upgrades allow the user to change the weight of the device, some allow you to adjust the comfort/rests, and others allow you adjust the button/roller sensitivity. Honestly, there are as many options as there are preferences.  Do you want LED?  Are you going for the cool/wow factor or are you favoring the most comfortable mouse for that epic game fest?  Satechi Edge has provided a wireless gaming mouse for review, which is a good general mouse for the average gamer.

Satechi Edge Gaming Mouse REVIEW

The product arrives in a black box with orange accents. The packaging is trendy and is visually appealing.  The cover displays the mouse, which has a Batmobile/tumbler appearance.  The specifications are clearly listed on one side of the device and many of the features are located on the opposing side.  It promises an ergonomic grip for the thumb and ring/pinky fingers, dual-mode, high-resolution/precision and a turbo button (double click).  The back of the packaging demonstrates the actual buttons of the mouse.  The mouse has standard left/right buttons and a scroll wheel in between.  The wheel has button press features but unfortunately, has no tilt feature.  Along the mid palm of the area of the mouse is a DPI adjust button, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity.  Just to the left of the left click button is the double click button, conveniently located on your right pointer finger. Your thumb can access the page up and page down buttons located on the side. The bottom of the mouse has #2 buttons as well.  It has an on/off toggle that also activates LED lights on the mouse.  You may choose to conserve power by not having the LED illuminated, or to keep them on regularly.  It also has another toggle for 250Hz/500Hz/Video Mode switch.

The packaging notes that you can control the mouse from up to 98 ft away.  You can adjust the DPI between 800, 1600, 2400 4000 DPI, by selecting the button mid palm.  This will allow you to increase sensitivity.  This will also change the colors of your device (Green, Blue, Red, purple).  You cannot independently assign colors, unfortunately.  The packaging further promises 5x more battery than other ordinary mouses, with a standby time of 36 months and automatic sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. You can use this mouse with nearly any modern computer with a USB interface (Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8 are listed and Mac OSx>v10.4).

Satechi Edge Gaming Mouse REVIEW

The front flap of the packaging is attached via magnet.  You can remove this and see the mouse in full glory.  Removing the device from the packaging, you will immediately feel that this is a well-balanced mouse.  Weighing in at 4.2 ounces and measuring 4.6″ x 2.9″ x 1.6,” the mouse is perfect for medium sized hands.  The mouse is rather long, allowing for full palm grip or a modified palm/claw style grip. I have never been a fan of the fingertip grip, but this can be utilized in this manner as well. I found it the most comfortable in a pseudo-palm/claw manner.   The buttons are quite responsive and the double click button is very convenient. The scroll wheel is also a middle button and has a very smooth feel.  I have found that 4000 DPI is too sensitive for me and I chose the medium setting of 1600 or 2400 DPI.  This is a personal preference, with some preferring the higher DPI and some preferring lower.  The red LED illumination feature is neat but provides no benefit other than simple aesthetics.  I enjoyed the red LED trackball, with the red/black alternating coloration.  I wish that the page up/down buttons, the DPI button, and the double click button were illuminated instead of the logo on the palmar surface. This seems like a waste of battery, especially for something that you will not see while actually holding/utilizing the mouse.

One of my favorite features is the little-hidden toggle on the bottom, allowing you to switch between gaming and video mode.  IN video mode, the buttons acquire secondary features.  The double click button becomes a play/pause button, the DPI adjust button functions like Windows D on PC, minimizing everything and returning you to the desktop.  The page up/down thumb buttons become fast forward/reverse buttons in video.  I personally did not find much difference between the 250-500 Hz modes and just left the mouse in 500Hz unless watching movies. The mouse did not show any drift, during my testing.  The manual details what to do in the event that drift is noted.  Simply go to control panel and turn off enhance pointer precision.

Satechi Edge Gaming Mouse REVIEW

I cannot attest to the total amount of time the mouse will function on 2 AA batteries.  I have utilized this for about 1.5 weeks, 4-5 hours per day, without any notable drain.  It seems that the battery saving chip is doing its job nicely, repeatedly saving you from having to turn off the device and preserving power.  The overall feel of the mouse is well done.  The scroll wheel has ribbed plastic, which helps with selection.  It is not a freely spinning style of the scroll wheel.  The mouse is comfortable and filled with many features.  The LED lights on the palm/back of the mouse are frivolous and could have been better utilized on the actual buttons.  I am uncertain why there would be no mention of the color code for the DPI changes.  It is important to note that when you change the color, both the color of the trackball and palm logo change to the same color.  This feature reminds you of what the DPI setting is currently set at. The range of the mouse is good, the video toggle is probably the best feature. I have not had any issues with my MacBook pro or with my Windows 10 home PC.  I wish that there was some customization of the mouse.  The buttons are not adjustable like other mice, the grip is not as adjustable as other devices and yet it does what it says it will do.  There is really no setup to the mouse, simply insert the small USB toggle and enjoy the device.  Again, if you are looking for a programmable mouse, this is not for you.  The buttons on this mouse are fixed (without other software).

I would say that my time to play games has dropped drastically over the past 5 years.  I still play an occasional FPS, hack/slash, RPG, or puzzler.  For the price, this mouse serves me incredibly well across the platforms. I would rate the device at 4/5 stars.

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