Sleek audio speakers from Satechi for your Mac or PC

It’s been a while since I got excited about speakers. However, I am a fan of minimalism and at a glance, you might think that Apple made the Satechi Dual Sonic v2.0 Speakers. They are small, sleek, conical, have a rubberized matte finish and they sound great.

Setup is simple as they have a standard 3.5mm audio jack for input and they receive their power from any USB port. You can use these with a Mac desktop or laptop, PC, mobile device or any device with a 3.5mm audio jack and an open USB port.

Satechi Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Computer Speakers REVIEW

The sound they produce is surprisingly rich for their size and price point and they look great while doing it. Another nice feature is the in-line volume control which lets you made any necessary adjustments at the hardware level to get the cleanest sound possible. Also, since they are 3.5mm, no drivers are required for any operating system you decide to connect these speakers to.


Satechi Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Computer Speakers REVIEW

There are a lot of aftermarket speakers available that come in many different styles and price points, but after trying out these speakers, I can understand why they have such a high rating on Amazon (currently 4 stars out of 102 reviews). 57% of the people who use these, give them a five-star rating which again for the price is impressive.

Satechi Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Computer Speakers REVIEW

These would make a great choice for simple travel speakers or permanent placement on a desk. For Apple users, they would look great next to a MacBook or iMac or for PC users, they will also add a modern look to your work space while also providing crisp sound.

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