Satechi Desk Mat v2.0 is ideal for any set-up.

Over the last few years I’ve found myself using my keyboard and mouse/trackpad on the top of my bare desk. I’ve wanted to find a nice desk mat that would cover the spot for both devices, but have not been successful in finding any that I liked. They have either had some sort of design on them or they just seemed cheaply made. Thankfully, Satechi makes the Desk Mat v2.0, which is a great option for someone like me who wants a nice desktop mat with a clean look and made with high quality materials.

Desk Mat v2.0 is really the perfect compliment to any desk surface. First of all, Satechi provides a wide array of color choices. I chose to go with the gray since part of my desk color scheme includes gray. The other colors are orange, green, pink, and purple. So, no matter your style, there is an option that will match. This is something I’ve really come to appreciate about Satechi – they accentuate individuality and style without sacrificing quality.

Satechi Desk Mat v2.0 is a Great Addition to Any Workspace Review

The mat itself is made from a synthetic material that is stain resistant. In my use of it, I’ve found it to be very durable and love the feel of it. It’s soft, textured, and non-glare, which helps prevent eye-strain. Other desk mats I’ve tried have had the glare and it becomes very distracting. I love how this mat looks and feels, and how well it works with my desk set-up. The mat has a wide surface area that measures 24.4″ x 13.8″. It’s large enough for a typical sketch pad if you are using this for a writing surface. I personally use it for the my keyboard and trackpad and have plenty of space for my hands to rest on it, too.

Satechi Desk Mat v2.0 is a Great Addition to Any Workspace Review

One of the nicest features of the Desk Mat v2.0 is that you can use it as a mouse pad, too. My fiance still uses a standard mouse along with her MacBook Pro. It’s just a simple Bluetooth mouse and it works beautifully on the desk mat. The best part about this desk mat is that is hasn’t moved since I put it on the desk and I’ve used multiple keyboards on it and done many different tasks using it. The Satechi Deck Mat v2.0 is the ideal desk accessory for any set-up.

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