Sturdy vertical stand frees up valuable desk space.

I have some space restrictions when it comes to my home office. I would love to use a larger monitor with my laptop, but I just don’t have space. If I did, I would want a vertical laptop stand. I want my laptop accessible, but out of the way when I want to use my desk for other projects. I have used just about every dock imaginable and just haven’t found the ‘right’ tool for the job. A couple of months ago Satechi released a wonderfully styled laptop stand meant to highlight the sleek lines of the MacBook series laptops from Apple.

Satechi Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand REVIEW

The Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand can be used with any laptops (up to a certain size) but based off of their design, they certainly compliment the Apple MacBook lineup. The stand is made of anodized aluminum and is adjustable to allow for different sized laptops. The design of the stand is unique. There are rounded edges on the base and cutouts for easy cable management. Satechi also took laptop cooling into consideration with this product. Even though the stand will hold your computer securely, it’s open design allows for temperature regulation of your computer. It’s well ventilated and won’t impeded your laptop’s productivity while in place in the stand.

Satechi Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand REVIEW

The Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand ships in a standard Satechi branded box. The exterior of the box describes the product and shows the main features. Inside, you will find the stand perched among some foam. There are no instructions, assembly tools, or quick start guides included with the stand. It’s pretty self-explanatory — you unscrew the base to open up the clamp where your laptop will rest. Then you adjust it to where your computer will be secure and tighten it down.

Satechi Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand REVIEW

The base of the stand has four rubber feet to prevent your desktop from being damaged. They also keep the stand from sliding around. When you loosen the screw for the stand, you will see that there is rubber/silicone lining the inside of the stand, too. This helps prevent your laptop from getting scratched up. One thing I found interesting is that the screw controls how wide the base opens up. At first, I thought that you would merely loosen it and then pull the jaws of the stand apart, but it’s more controlled than that. As you loosen the screw, the base opens up.

Satechi Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand REVIEW

While the stand does a nice job of creating a firm grip on my laptop, I don’t feel like it’s just right for my purposes. I have a 13-inch MacBook Pro and I felt like my laptop was pretty secure. That said, I also tried out a 15-inch MacBook Pro with it and thought it was a little top heavy and think that it could be toppled over if someone was not careful. One thing that’s sort of important to note is that you have to make sure your set-up is compatible with the closed clam-shell method of working with an Apple computer. Otherwise, you will just be using this stand to showcase your computer.

The Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand is available in silver, space gray or jet black.

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