Satechi Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand helps prevent desk clutter with built-in USB hub.

When it comes to my desktop set-up, I’m pretty picky. I like to try to keep my desk very clean; I just hate clutter and if I have to much stuff out on my desk, I end up feeling overwhelmed and I’m less productive. That’s why when I saw that Satechi has a two-in-one, it was very attractive to me. Satechi’s new Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand also doubles as a USB dock and it’s a great solution to the desktop clutter problem.

Satechi Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand Review

The stand is wonderful. I can plug my Mac into the USB port on the back and then have three USB ports on my desk at my command. Another great feature of this stand is the option to plug in your auxiliary cable from your headphones. When you do that the USB port on the back of the stand sends the audio from your computer to your headphones. This gives people like me who use a dock for their computer, the ability to still use the auxiliary jack on their machine.

I also really like the cord wrapping option on the back of the stand. It allows for neat freaks like me to keep my auxiliary cable wrapped up and manageable. This is a super plus for me as I have a HATRED for cables. The Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand is a convenient way to showcase your headphones while also being very functional as a USB hub.

Satechi Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand Review

Satechi has a great product in this dual-purpose headphone stand/USB hub. They have included in the design a full rubber base to keep your desk from getting scratched up. That’s another feature I find to be important as I had invested in my desk and I want to keep it as pristine as possible for as long as I can. I personally went with the gold model of the Aluminum stand as it matches my
Satechi Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand ReviewiPhone and iPads. I’m a pretty big fan of the color options that it comes in – gold, silver, or space gray. You can get one to match your iOS devices, too. Satechi makes very elegant products and I’m proud to have them among the items I use on my desk everyday.

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