Sappywoon provides a not so covert surveillance camera

We are living in a surveillance state and it is not just the playground of shadowy government agencies and large corporations anymore. Spying technology is becoming smaller, cheaper and therefore more accessible to the average person in the developed world. I’m not going to judge whether we should be doing this in this article. There are a number of good and easily justifiable arguments to be made for home surveillance. Nanny cams and home robbery to name just two. Instead I am going to focus on how this unit performs given it’s clearly intended purpose.

Sappywoon Wi-Fi Spy Camera Alarm Clock REVIEW

The WIFI Camera Alarm Clock by Sappywoon attempts to provide an option to record a room or subject without anyone being aware that it’s happening. We are all used to seeing LCD alarm clocks in different parts of people’s homes so it will not look out of place. That is of coarse unless the person that is being recorded decides to look at the clock to see the time or set the alarm and notices the large hole in the from of the glass that says “Lens” upside down. Seriously, look at the pictures. Now, I am no secret agent, but I think most people of average IQ, would find this suspicious and inspect this “clock” further.

It’s really difficult for me to even finish this review since right out of the gates this thing would be a non-starter for me if I wanted to spy on someone for any reason. However, since there are some redeeming qualities of this camera, I will solider on.

Sappywoon Wi-Fi Spy Camera Alarm Clock REVIEW

The negatives:
Aside from the above mentioned epic fail in design, the video quality on this camera is terrible. The manual claims it is 1080P, but you be the judge from the two attached screenshots taken indoors around 4:00 PM. I can’t imagine a scenario where this kind of poor video quality would meet someones needs, whether it was as a nanny cam or peeping on a guest in you home. The overall quality is just terrible.

The positives:
Believe it or not, there are a few positives. First, the instructions are easy to follow even though the writer was definitely not a native english speaker. I had this thing on my network in under 5 minutes. Also, they provide a QRcode in the manual for easy download of the companion app, which is also easy to use. I have included screenshots, so you can see how easy an intuitive the interface is.

Sappywoon Wi-Fi Spy Camera Alarm Clock REVIEW

Final Thoughts:
Looking at the setup and interface only, everything would be nifty, if the camera produced good video and if it actually had the ability to hide in plain site. It would be like if this thing were a transformer, but instead of the autobot logo on the grill of the car, it chose a sign that said “Larger Robot in Disguise”! Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this device to anyone.