A great way to recharge and backup your iOS device

The battle for storage is a constant one. No sooner do we obtain the larger capacity mobile devices that we find ourselves with full hard drives and the need to back up our data so that we can continue taking photos and videos of our precious memories. iOS devices have the option of being backed up to iCloud, but if you don’t pay the premium option for the larger amount of storage, what are you to do? SanDisk has a pretty interesting option in the iXpand Base.

This device is designed to allow iOS users the ability to charge and back up their phones at the same time. This charging base will not work with Android phones and it is not a wireless charging base. The ‘base’ is simply a place to lay your phone while it charges and transfers data. On the back, you will find two ports – one Micro USB for the power adapter and one SD card slot for backups. There is a standard USB port on the bottom for you to plug a Lightning cable into. This is not included with the base, but I would have liked to see SanDisk provide all the cables needed.

SanDisk iXpand 64GB Base iPhone Charger REVIEW

The packaging is simple and includes SanDisk branding along with some description of the device. The base works in conjunction with an app that you download for your phone. The app acts as a backup manager and gives you options and settings to tweak for your device. The base comes with an SD card already installed and you can get capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB. 

Setup was very easy. Once I downloaded the app and accepted the different permissions, the phone automatically backed up when I plugged it into the base. I actually do backup my photos to iCloud so I decided to backup my contacts to the base. I have over 240 contacts on my phone so I thought it might take a little time to backup to the card. The data transfer was over in less than a minute.

SanDisk iXpand 64GB Base iPhone Charger REVIEW

I do want to note that you cannot use the base without the app. When I first plugged into the base, I got a warning that the app was not installed. It will only work with the iXpand app. One of the things I really like about this device is that it will pick up where it left off. You will do an initial backup and after that, the app will recognize where the end was before and backup from that point on. I don’t believe you can do a ‘full’ backup of a device (apps and all) but the app definitely allows you to download images, videos, and contacts to the SD card.

SanDisk iXpand 64GB Base iPhone Charger REVIEW

The iXpand base is a really nice way to not only backup your phone, but also charge it. I love the concept of being able to do both functions at once and I love that SanDisk created such a nice looking product for just that purpose. The iXpand Base is great for any iOS user. I would love to see it be a more integrated stand where you actually dock your phone to it vertically rather than have it look like a wireless charging pad, but other than that, I think this is a great product.

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