SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick helps you free up space on your iOS device.

I was not alive long before the  cell phone came into existence.  I remember the Nokia brick phones, flip phones and then the transition into PDA followed by smart phone. It is amazing to think about how far technology has come during my lifetime. It is even more amazing to think where technology will lead us. Phones have increased in size, storage and in power need. One aspect of the smart phone that has become an ever more limited resource is storage space. Many devices, to include many of the android devices, utilize SD cards to allow for extra storage/memory expansion. I have been a fan of Apple for about the last 5 to 7 years. They have been much less lenient about extra storage and about how their data is accessed. You can link your phone or device to your computer, you can move some data wirelessly or by AirDrop. The unfortunate part of technology, it never fails that I have a data shortage when I need space the most. One of the places that I experienced this was CES 2016, in Las Vegas Nevada. The reason, I was using my phone as a recording device, a video camera, a camera and for note taking. I filled my phone with images and had limited options for data management, without my computer readily available. Luckily I had my iPad Air 2 128 GB to AirDrop. My phone is the 64 GB variety, upgraded from the previous 32 GB. I never thought that I would say that 64 GB is just not enough. In today’s world of high definition video and increased accessory/device connectivity, coupled with portable, on the go smart device usage, data management becomes a difficult task for us all.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

At CES 2016 I had the pleasure of talking with members of the SanDisk team, a company who has been in the media business for a very long time. It would be hard to find someone that has not heard of, or utilized a piece of technology from this company. It was at CES that they introduced me to a few options for data Organization and storage. With the inability to plug in a jump drive or a SD card, I needed an option to quickly move files and data from my iPhone 6s Plus to free up space. The SanDisk Connect: Wireless Stick served that role nicely.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick ReviewI have been given the SanDisk Connect Wireless 64 GB stick in black to review. “The Flash Drive reinvented for your phone, tablet, and computer.” The packaging displays the product very nicely in a white cardboard backing and clear plastic clam shell. The back of the packaging shows the steps needed to use the product. Step 1 download the SanDisk app from the App Store or Google Play store or Amazon. Unfortunately when I go to the App Store there are multiple apps. SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive, SanDisk iXpand Sync app (review to come soon), Connect Drive App (3/5 stars), a SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive App. For this device it was recommended to download the app that looks like a circle with a triangle inside of it and wifi bars to the top right. Please see the image.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick ReviewStep 2 has two parts to it. You can either connect the jump drive into a USB 2.0 slot on a computer and add files and content to the stick, or you can backup and view media from your mobile devices using the app. The Connect Wireless Stick promises a lot of really neat options. I love that it has the ability to stream to up to 3 devices at once. However, I have only been able to get to do this with personally captured videos. I have been unable to get movies (DVD/Blu Ray) onto the device to test this out. I moved “The Croods” from iTunes onto my desktop and then onto the jump drive. I was able to see the .m4V file but it would not play. I had a constant spinning circle. I own the movie, actually 2 copies. This may be a DRM issue, this may be a wireless limitation issue. The idea seems amazing, but getting it to work is another aspect entirely. I really wish that this worked as it would make the device indispensable. The idea, download the app on each device, and access the stick from the app. You can set up the wireless stick through the app. You can set it to camera backup mode and it will backup your entire camera roll, which is quite convenient. I never want auto movement, so I opt to manually move my files. I am a bit disappointed with the organization of the drive. I utilized this regularly to free up some space on my iPhone.

My family and I have become interested in camping. We have been on several road trips, inside of our 30′ Class C Motorhome. My children scramble for things to do. We do have a TV with blue ray player, but it is set up to only work with generator power or when on shore power (plugged in). We have 2 iPads in our family, an IPad 2 aand an iPad Air 2. If you have ever been in a motorohome, the metal walls really limit outside signal from getting into the living quarters. The driving area does have some increased signal due to the glass windows. Thus, wifi signal from the camping park is often blocked and cellular signal is often weak. I tested the SanDisk stick inside of the motorhome on both iPads, playing videos of my son’s pinewood derby races. I would like to have movies (iTunes or similar) downloaded onto the drive to stream to the devices. I will continue to look into this and update the review if I find a way. So far the m4v did not work.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

I like that you do not have to plug this into a computer very often. I like that you can offload data from the smart device to the stick and use/see it on other devices. Plugging the device into a computer turns it into a 64 GB jump drive, similar to any other jump drive. When watching the same movie on 2 devices, I did experience some lag. I did find that other devices did provide some interference as well. Also, without specifically setting up the device, you cannot be connected to the wireless device and to the Internet via wifi simultaneously. Want to access the iTunes Store? Want to use safari? You have to reconnect to your wifi network. You can do this through settings on your device. I really like this stick, I am happy with the ability to simply offload my iPhone to free up space. That aspect alone is worth the price of the device. Using the device as a movie storage would really be a bonus and a perk.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

The stick is very easily portable and fits nicely into a shirt pocket. The surface is ribbed and has a nice feel to it. The range of the device is about that experienced with wifi technology. The farther you are from the device the slower and laggier the interaction. The device dimensions are 3 1/16 inches long by 3/4 inch wide by 7/16 tall. It charges easily by plugging into any USB outlet. I do not like that the cap is not reversible. Charging to full can take up to 2 hours and this will give you about 4.5-5 hours of use. When in the app you have a battery indicator, which will show remaining power.

Advanced Use of the Device:
I read the tutorial and I played around with the connect wireless. I love the transfer from phone to device feature. When accessing the stick from your other smart devices, you can save to camera roll, email and use the data. I did some searching on the SanDisk website and found that you can connect to the wireless stick (without Internet connection) using safari/browser. I was able to do this on my iPad Air 2, but not on my iPhone. I attempted this with LTE and with deactivating cellular data and it did not work. Make sure the drive is turned on, then open safari and type and connect to your wireless drive. You can also connect to the device and maintain internet connection. Go into settings on the Connect Wireless Stick and tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left. Then select Internet options. You will see 3 images, the stick, a globe and wifi bars. Select connect drive to wifi network, select the network of choice and then type in the password. I was unable to get this to work. I attempted to trouble shoot, but I was unable to access the Internet and the device simultaneously. You do not need this feature, but I would have liked to get it to work.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

Overall the device is neat and works as intended. I would rate this at 3.5/5 stars as I was not able to use all of the features promised. I wish I could have gotten the advanced features to work. I would love to be able to stream movies to my children’s iPads such as Disney movies. FYI if the wireless stick is idle for more than 10 minutes it will power down. I had some connection issues and realized it was because the device was idle and had to be turned back on.

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