Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Review:

An affordable option for screen protection.

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Even though I’m protective of my mobile phones, on thing I’ve never used on my phone is a screen protector. Fortunately, I’ve never had an issue with the screens on my phones becoming scratched – until now. Shortly before starting to write this review, I noticed a scratch about 1/4 inch long on the screen of my phone. At first, I thought it was just a surface scratch that might rub off with some vigorous cleaning, but alas, as I ran my fingernail over the area, there was a very pronounced bump that I felt as I crossed the scratch. This is very disappointing since I am very cautious about where I put my phone. But, I suppose this sort of thing can happen to anyone.

People get busy and in their haste, they toss their phones into places where they can get easily get damaged. With that in mind, it’s important to try and protect your investment however you can. Even though screens are now built with the most advanced materials available, scratches still happen. For example, the newly released Samsung Galaxy S6 dons a very tough screen made from Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4, which has proven to have a high resistance to scratches and sharp contact damage. Even so, adding some additional protection with the screen protectors from Lightning Knights, you are sure to keep your phone safe.

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The screen protector from Lightning Knights are a wonderful inexpensive option for added protection of your phone. The S6 Screen Protector, made for the Samsung Galaxy S6, comes in a pack of 5 protectors. The protectors are made from Japanese PET film and has 95% clarity on your phone. It is promised by the manufacturer to be bubble-free (post-installation) and has cutouts for the sensors on the front of the phone.

Not only will the screen protector help to provide protection from scratches, but it also deters against dust and other normal signs of wear. One special note provided by the screen maker, because of the rounded edges of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will not cover the full screen, but it will fit the flat area.

Installation is very easy. The first step is to make sure that your phone’s screen is clean. Then, you simply pull off one side of the film from the protection. Line up the screen protector with the speaker opening on the screen of the phone. Then, I found it easiest to sort of roll the protector down the remainder of the phone. Once it’s in place, then use the provided card squeegee to eliminate any air bubbles that may have occurred.

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Lighting Knights does a wonderful job of providing an easy to install, easy to maintain screen protector for the Galaxy S6. They also include a microfiber cloth and dust removal tape to keep your screen protector in optimum shape. There are 5 protectors included in the package and if one wears down, it’s easy to peel off you phone and replace with a new one.

I can highly recommend the S6 Screen Protector from Lightning Knight for the Samsung Galaxy S6. The 5-pack is affordable with an MSRP of $15.