Samsung Galaxy S6 Holster Defender Case Review:

A good alternative to expensive, heavy-duty cases.

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We recently posted a review the Lightning Knights Defender Holster case for the iPhone 6 Plus. Now, we are taking a look at the same case built for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy S6 is a ‘phablet’ style phone that causes many of the same concerns for owners as the iPhone 6 Plus. Namely, “How do I protect my phone without using a very expensive, heavy-duty case?” This defender-style case from Lightning Knights it a good solution to that problem.

Like the version for the iPhone 6 Plus, the Holster Defender case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is constructed from a two-layer case – an outer rubberized covering with an inner hard plastic shell. The holster comes complete with a very strong belt clip, which makes it very easy to go with you everywhere you go. The corners of the case feature molded polycarbonate for additional protection against drops and other points of impact.

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Another feature that the two cases share is the kickstand. The kickstand is a very clever design. It consists of a plastic loop that folds flat onto the back of the case. When needed, you can flip it open and your phone can now stand on its own without the aid of a secondary stand. When I first took a look at it, I didn’t think there was any way the kickstand was strong enough to hold up the bigger phones, but sure enough, the case stood on its own without any assistance.

Something that I appreciate with this style case is that it covers all the ports for protection purposes, but also gives the user easy access to them as well. While I’ve always liked cases, I’ve never been a fan of the ones that don’t allow you the ease of use of being able to use your headphone and power ports.

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The Galaxy S6 seemed to be a good fit inside the case. It’s a little difficult to open in the inner case, but that just leads me to believe that it will be a safe place for my phone. I can’t speak too much about the long-term durability of this case, but it seemed to work well during our testing of it and I think it’s a good alternative option from the more expensive defender-type cases. Plus, it comes with a nice stylus included in the package.

The Defender Holster Case from Lightning Knights is a very nice, heavy-duty case at an affordable price. The build is solid and I can recommend this to anyone who is looking into an inexpensive option for a defender-type case.