Elegant Wood Apple Pencil Case Looks Great On My Desk

Recently I started to draw more with my Apple Pencil, which is great but when I set it on my desk, I find that it rolls off the edge and I almost lost my $100 drawing device. When it was originally released, I knew that companies would start to make accessories for the Pencil, but who knew how long that would take? Maybe the better question is – what sort of accessories would be created?

SAMDI Wood Apple Pencil Case REVIEW An Elegant Option for the Pencil

SAMDI didn’t let me down as they created what I would have if I had any woodworking skills.

The Wood Apple Pencil Box by SAMDI is a wonderful two tone wooden case with a soft liner. The interior is molded to fit the nib, Lightning adapter, and of course, the Apple Pencil itself. The case is held closed by a couple of small magnets. The box is truly an elegant option to keep it safe and out of the way.

I’ve had a chance to review other Apple Pencil accessories but none are like this beautiful wooden case. I truly enjoy wood based products. My grandfather used to create wonderful objects out of wood when I was a kid so the SAMDI is right up my alley.

SAMDI Wood Apple Pencil Case REVIEW An Elegant Option for the Pencil

One issue I have is that I use a Pencil Cozy to keep the cap from my Apple Pencil from being lost when on the go. The wood case does not have space for this rubber protector. This is not a fault of its design as it was created to only house the Apple Pencil and the accessories that come with it. Now with that said, if you use something like the Pencil Cozy you might consider just keeping it in your go bag for the times you will be using the Apple Pencil away from your desk.

For more information, visit SAMDI