Once upon a time, a young professional woman went to work. She was there for approximately 9 hours and then she drove 12.5 miles to get home. She was at home for approximately 15 hours, then, she drove the 12.5 miles back to work and spent another 8 hours at work. If someone were following your movements and creating a story from them, would it sound something like that? Imagine that an app on your phone was doing that for you. What I just described is what Lifelog with Saga does.

Saga keeps track of all the places you go without you having to check-in to individual locations. One of the apps I use for a pedometer has this functionality built in, but it’s primarily used to track your modes of transportation, not actual locations and places.

Once you are at a location, Saga will notice that you have stopped and are stationary, log the location and leave it in your timeline for your review. Once you review your log, you can confirm the location was correct (sometimes GPSs get it wrong, after all) and do things like make notes about the location or trip and take ‘snaps’ or photos that show the place off.

Every so often, we take a trip to a local lake for fishing and just to get away from the noise of everyday life for a few hours. This lake is in a remote location, but is actually a nature preserve. While we were spending some time there, I made sure to get a few snaps close to sunset to show off the beauty of the area. I was surprised that Saga was actually able to locate the lake with the correct name.

Not only is Saga a useful tool as a digital diary, but it is also useful to track things like commute time.

There is a warning in the app description that the continued use of the GPS in the background can dramatically decrease the battery life of your iPhone. I can say from experience with other apps that keep the GPS running in the background that this is true.

I would recommend this app to anyone who is interested in learning more about personal behaviors and activities.