Combine practicality with security with Safy.

I’m a little obsessed with keeping my stuff safe. I never leave valuables in my car, always keep my phone in my front pocket, and I used RFID-blocking wallets so that my data is safe. When I travel, watching out for my things becomes a bit more complicated. What do I do on a long flight and need to sleep? What about going to a beach? These are reasons that Safy was developed. It’s an anti-theft bag that is designed to provide locked storage for valuables. 

Safy Anti-Theft Bag REVIEW


Safy is a portable bag that combines practicality and security. The ‘bag’ is a hardshell case that is locked with a three-digit code. Inside the bag are pockets that are equipped with RFID-blocking technology. They hold items in place securely and protect items from card and passport-skimmers. The bag also features the option to add a Chipolo card for tracking the location of your bag — should it wander off. Safy is made with a durable, cut-resistant strap made with cotton and thin steel ropes that can be linked around any fixed objects. The exterior of the bag is completely waterresistant. 

The idea behind Safy came after an unfortunate experience happened to the CEO of Safy, Andrej Brumec. “My wife and I were on the beach four or five years ago, when our mobile phones were stolen from us. We shopped around for a bag that would protect us in the future but weren’t able to find anything that successfully combined usability and protection. Using our design background, we decided we needed to bring a product to market that could give users the peace of mind we craved, no matter the situation.”

And so, Safy was born. 

Safy Anti-Theft Bag REVIEW


I love the idea of Safy. A few years ago, someone gave me a small lockbox that had a similar purpose to Safy, but it wasn’t as well developed. It was a simple, hardshell case and wasn’t resistant to the element, nor did it have built-in RFID shielding. These are features of Safy that I really admire. The case does seem to be very well-built. The strap locks into place on either side and the switch to unlock the strap is on the inside of the case. So, once it’s attached to something, it won’t come undone. 


I know that Safy isn’t meant to be a ‘catch-all’ for everything you are carrying around, but it would be nice if it was a bit bigger. I placed an iPhone XS and a Sony Xperia 10 into the main pocket of the Safy and that’s all that would fit. The iPhone does have a case with pop socket attached, but even with that, there just isn’t a lot of room inside. I couldn’t even fit a wallet that is less than an inch thick in there with the two phones. That being said, if you intend to use this box as an individual and you only want to put your phone, earbuds, wallet, and a room key in it, you should be fine. I just don’t see more than one person being able to store multiple valuables inside. 

Safy Anti-Theft Bag REVIEW

The combination lock comes with a default of “000” as the combination. But it’s easy enough to change the combination. There is a small switch on the inside of the case that you have to flip and then lock back into place after you’ve chosen your combination. I changed the combination, locked it, unlocked it, and changed it back to the default just to make sure the process worked. I do wonder about the durability of the “cut-resistant strap.” I didn’t attempt to slice it up, but it seems as though a seat belt cutter might be able to get through it. Even though it’s supposed to be made with cotton and steel roping, it feels like a simple strap.


The Safy Anti-Theft bag is a great concept. The sample I received seems to be built very well and it looks sharp. I do question a few points of its design (the durability of the strap and the size), but overall, it’s a really nice product. I’m looking forward to having it when I take a trip in a couple of months to Florida as I think it will be perfect for storing my phone and keys in while I enjoy snorkeling. 

The bag is currently available for backers on Kickstarter. It retails for $110 or $134.50 with the Chipolo Card (at the time of publishing this article). It is estimated that Kickstarter backers will receive their Safy no later than November 2019. 

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