Headphones enhance the gaming experience.

ADES SA928 Stereo Gaming Headset Review 2With a pretty good season of video game releases upon us, I’m trying to get all of my gaming gear together. One of the most basic gaming needs is a headset. I have tried many different styles and sizes.  I tend to stay away from wireless headsets because of interference.

Sades SA-928 headset was where I started. It’s advertised for PS3, XBox, and PC, but worked amazingly with the PS4. Before I even plugged everything up I had to try the actual fit of the headset. I wear glasses and most headsets are pretty uncomfortable after a few hours of continuous gameplay. Sades must have had this in mind. The fit of the large cups are firm, but still loose enough to not crush your skull. The padding for the cups also lends a helping hand to comfort.

ADES SA928 Stereo Gaming Headset 3The installation is straightforward. Plug in to the RCA out jacks from the TV and into the PS4’s USB slot. The cable is plenty long enough to sit away from the tv during gameplay. There are inline controls for the game volume, chat volume, and microphone mute button. What sets this headset apart is the fact that the actual headset plugs into the volume control box. This is very handy when you get up to run to the fridge and don’t want to take off your gear. As a bonus you can just plug the headset directly into the controller for a chat only capability.

My only complaint is the microphone placement and design. I like to have a microphone on my right side and the SA-928’s microphone is on the left without the ability to flip front to back. The microphone is flexible, but not quite to my liking.

As far as audio quality goes, it loud enough and crisp enough to make any game play enjoyable while drowning out most of the pesky background noises of people telling you that there are more important things than playing video games.

The SADES SA928 Stereo Gaming Headset are an affordable, decent pair of headphones.

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