Portable 3D recording studio scoops CES Innovation Award

SABINETEK, the consumer audio pioneer and CES 2018 Innovation Award winner, presents the latest in acoustic technology, 3D panoramic microphone SABINETEK SMIC and wireless karaoke headset SABINETEK SOLO at CES and CES Unveiled 2018.

Immerse yourself in the epic sound of SABINETEK at CES 2018. On show is CES 2018 Innovation Award winner SABINETEK SMIC, the world’s first 3D panoramic microphone, which can be found in the Innovation Awards Showcase as well as booth #42273 in Sands Expo, Hall A-D, CES 2018.

The brand new SABINETEK SOLO, the first high-quality wireless karaoke headset, will also be available for hands-on sing-along demonstrations.

Launching at CES 2018, SABINETEK SOLO is the world’s first high-quality wireless karaoke headset, compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows as well as Smart TVs. By simply clapping their hands twice users can control the device, which will remove the original voice on any soundtrack so that users can sing the song themselves in real-time.

Not only the ideal hands-free singing aid thanks to a dual-core professional grade DSP audio processing chip, the SOLO also manages phone calls with ease, incorporating adaptive noise suppression as well as music playback.

Available in black and silver colorways, the SABINETEK SOLO delivers high-quality wireless audio – and world-beating karaoke fun – in style.

Capture sound in the round with SABINETEK SMIC
Runaway success and company flagship SABINETEK SMIC, the winner of the CES 2018 Innovation Award, is the star of the show in every sense. The world’s first 3D panoramic microphone, the SABINETEK SMIC delivers incredible professional-grade audio capture performance in a compact package.

Hearing is truly believing with the SABINETEK SMIC, as the binaural recordings, it captures make for astoundingly immersive experiences – ideal for the next generation of VR and AR-powered content.

Although there are many 360-capable cameras on the market, capturing true 360 audio for use with VR and AR is more complex than recording stereo or mono audio, and the SABINETEK SMIC delivers this capability in spades.

The SABINETEK SMIC weighs in at a mere 1780g – featherweight when compared to standard professional-grade microphones – and delivers unsurpassed recording quality and sensitivity up to an astonishing 38dB±3dB@1kHz.

The SABINETEK SMIC is among the most portable professional microphones in the industry – a 3D panoramic recording studio that slips into any bag.

Dr. Deming Zhang, CEO/founder, SABINETEK, said: “It is an honor to be back at CES and to receive the prestigious CES 2018 Innovation Award for our world-first SMIC. Our new flagship product, SOLO will no doubt continue that trend next year, as it represents the pinnacle of audio engineering on the market today.”


  • Recording Type: Binaural Recording
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -38dB±3dB@1kHz 94dBSPL
  • Directional:Omnidirectional
  • Max. SPL: 125dBSPL (THD=10%)
  • Sampling accuracy: 16bit
  • Weight: 1780g


  • Record Quality 48K, 16 bit
  • Wireless Profile Real-time data transfer powered by SWISS
  • Connecting Distance 10m
  • Record Mode Stereo
  • MIC Omnidirectional MEMS
  • Sensibility -26±dB
  • SNR 67dB
  • Frequency Response 100-8 KHz
  • THD 1%@100dB SPL
  • AOP 120dB
  • Impedance 32Ω
  • Frequency Response 100Hz-2KHz
  • Capacity 600mAh
  • Charging Time 2 hour
  • Operating Time 8 hour
  • Standby Time 30 days+

For more information, visit sabinetek.com.


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