The S6 Wallet Card for iPhone 6 has a sleek design and smart functionality.

Meet the S6 Wallet Card case for the iPhone 6. Its brilliant design and smart use of features make this product one that I will use for a very long time. To some, those might be very large statement, but when I believe in a product this much, I am going to sing its praises. I have been on the search for a wallet case for my iPhone for several years and have not found one that really fit the bill. I wanted protection for my phone, style, and functionality as a wallet. You would think that wouldn’t be so hard to find, but many competitors of Elago, the developer of the Wallet Card, don’t seem to incorporate these elements into the package. Elago gets it right.

WalletCard1One of the features of the Wallet Card is the magnetic closure. This is a big deal with me because it adds protection for your phone. With other wallet cases, you run the risk of dropping your phone on its face because the case can flap open. With a closure in place, this risk is severely diminished. Plus, this feature keeps the case from flopping open. I had a similar problem with a previously used wallet case and found myself annoyed with the case because it wouldn’t stay closed. Wallet Card solves this problem with its secure, but easy to open magnetic closure.

WalletCard5Looking at the case, I really feel that Elago had the iPhone in mind regarding its design. The Wallet Card melds easily with the iPhone’s natural lines and slim profile. The case actually accentuates the iPhone design, which is something you don’t see with many cases. Most cases on the market seem to define themselves before the phone they are protect, but not the Wallet Card. From the outside, the beautifully stitched premium synthetic leather, gives the traditional appearance of a wallet, but when you open it up, the iPhone is the centerpiece. Wallet Card has a very nice, sleek look and it really shines with the iPhone inside.

WalletCard2When you place your iPhone inside the inner frame, it snaps securely into place, but be aware that it will be a tight fit. The first time I put my phone in the case, I was a bit concerned about the side buttons because the frame does not give much, but I’ve taken my phone out and replaced it several times without incident. In addition, I’ve not been worried about my phone’s safety while inside the case. It doesn’t move within the frame at all. While I’m on the subject of the frame, I also want to point out how well it’s attached to the leather exterior. Other wallet cases I’ve used are not up to the same production quality that the Wallet Card is. I’ve seen glue and separation between the frame and the exterior case in competing products, but Elago’s case is seamless. It’s put together flawlessly.

WalletCard7Another issue I had with other wallet cases is actually talking on the phone. You have to awkwardly maneuver the opening cover and fold it around to talk on the phone. I always felt like I was on the verge of dropping the phone when I was talking on it. I remedied that by using a Bluetooth headset most of the time, but there were times that a headset wasn’t possible. Again, Elago saw this as an issue and incorporated a solution into the design. There is a cutout over the earpiece of the phone so that you can hear the caller on the other end of the phone. I’ve had multiple closed-cover conversations with the Wallet Card and have had no issues hearing the caller. Additionally, the caller could hear me just fine as well. Along these lines, Elago also marked on the outside of the case where the volume buttons are located on the phone. And, because of its soft leather spine, you can easily depress the buttons to increase or decrease the volume for music or phone calls without opening the case.

WalletCard6A feature that might be overlooked by some is the open bottom of the case. I utilize a couple of different charging docks with my phone and don’t like closed bottom case styles that prevent using those devices. Thankfully, Wallet Card’s open bottom gives users complete access to the Lightning port, speaker, headphone jack and microphone. It’s completely unobtrusive and does not create barriers for any uses of the iPhone. I’ve been able to use it with some iPhone charging docks – the cover has been open, but I don’t have to take the phone out of the case – with no problems.

WalletCard4Beside the functionality the Wallet Card has with the iPhone, it is a very nice minimalistic wallet. There are three card slots and a pocket for cash or other essentials. I’ve packed it with three cards and a few folded bills and can say that while it is full, it doesn’t pop open or doesn’t appear to bulge. Wallet Card maintains its slim design even when it’s completely packed. Something that occurred to me while I was testing this product is that with the inclusion of Apple Pay as a payment solution, wallet cases like Wallet Card, are a wonderful solution to packing around bulky wallets and purses. You can simply put your Driver’s License, a bit of cash and your iPhone in the case and be good to go if you are utilizing Apple Pay. Again, you don’t have to take it out of the case for Apple Pay to work since the data transmits over NFC. I was not able to test this feature out because my bank does not currently work with Apple Pay, but I believe this would be another benefit of this fantastic case.

WalletCard8In case you can’t tell, I’m very impressed by the S6 Wallet Card case by Elago. It’s stylish, functional and solves a lot of problems I had with other wallet-type cases for the iPhone. If you are looking for a case like this, I would highly recommend the Wallet Card.

The Wallet Card is available for the iPhone 6, which is the model of phone I have, and the iPhone 6 Plus. It comes in four colors for the iPhone 6 – Black, Brown, Dark Gray and Jean Indigo (pictured in this article) – and retails for $32.99. The Wallet Card for iPhone 6 Plus comes in three colors – Black, Dark Gray and Jean Indigo – and retails for $33.99.

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