Runtopia is offering a great deal on their S1 GPS sports watch! The watch will be available on Amazon today thru July 16th at the discounted price of $59.99, the cheapest Runtopia has offered so far, so fitness enthusiasts and runners have plenty of time to snag theirs at this reduced price!

When purchasing, buyers just need to click on the green coupon icon to automatically add the discount and voilà!

For reference, Runtopia’s key features include:

  • Sports modes: The S1 supports outdoor cycling, outdoor walking, and indoor walking as well as the original running mode
  • Drink water reminder: The S1 can remind you to take a drink of water on a regular basis. Great for these hot summer months! 
  • Sedentary reminder: Perfect for office workers who need a gentle reminder to get up from their desk and move! 
  • Smart audio coaching: Records performance, guides users during runs and sends alerts based on training plans, heart rate, speed and more 
  • Analyze data on the Runtopia app: Sync your smartwatch to the Runtopia mobile app to get a detailed analysis of your pacing, speed, distance, heart rate, and much more. Get motivated with millions of other Runtopia runners

For more information, visit runtopia.netFacebook, and Twitter.