Decent price for a theft deterrent system.

RUBAN MicroSaver Kensington Security Lock Review 3The battle between lock and lock pick has been waged as long as one person has had something that another wanted.  As a person who has been through 13 years of secondary education, I can tell you that tech and more importantly well-kept and safe tech are an important part of an academic world.  Just get that new HP or that new Lenovo?  Do you live in a place with roommates or high traffic flow or a dorm or a fraternity house perhaps? If you answered yes to any of these then you may want to consider a theft deterrent system.  The key word here is deterrent.

I have received a RUBAN MicroSaver in Black to review. Upon initial inspection, the packaging is sleek and stylish, resembling a perfume or watch package.  It has Gold inlayed lettering with “RUBAN” imprinted on a silver background.  The logo does not describe the item and one will not immediately know what is inside the box based upon outside inspection alone.  Luckily though, the side of the box had a sticker allowing identification of the product as a RUBAN MicroSaver.  This is not that important, as I ultimately do not tend to keep the packaging for most of my products (except for video games and my iDevices).  I tire of clutter.

RUBAN MicroSaver Kensington Security Lock Review 4The item is actually quite heavy (heavier than expected), weighing in at 8.8 ounces.  There is a slide out box with the overlying silver dust cover.  Opening the box, I found two individual plastic bags.  One contained the cable and the other contained a set of two keys on a ring.  Unfortunately, I did not receive any instructions within this box.  A repeat search of the packaging was not rewarding, as I found nothing.

The cable measures at 6.2 feet in length, just as advertised.  On one end is a silver lock, fitting into a Kensington or “K slot” security port (see picture).  The other end has a fixed wire loop, which allows you to feed the lock end through and tether the device to a fixed structure.

RUBAN MicroSaver Kensington Security Lock Review 5It is important to note that this lock will not work if your device does not have a Kensington security slot.  This rules out most tablets and newer iMac computers and MacBooks.  As Apple has made ever smaller devices, the traditional T lock mechanism for Kensington security locks has been left behind.  However, they do make adhesive Kensington ports which would work with many of these devices.  My wife’s HP laptop does have a Kensington port, allowing me to test this product.  The actual functionality is quite basic and intuitive, which is refreshing.  The end of the lock slides into the port and you turn the key.

RUBAN MicroSaver Kensington Security Lock Review 6At first glance someone may feel uneasy about trusting this as anti-theft, as it seems a hard tug would just pull it out.  That is where I was surprised. This is not simply a plastic hole in the laptop, but is in fact metal reinforced.  The lock has sufficient swivel and will rotate 360 degrees (the power cable on my laptop blocks some of this range of motion).  The cable attaches to the lock perpendicularly and can swivel 180 degrees.  This provides a good number of options to sit with this Device comfortably and not find an awkward position.  Another concern that I felt was that the cable may be too thin.  The cable is twisted giving it more strength and it is approximately 1/4 inch wide with charcoal semi translucent coating.  It would take bolt cutters or a saw of some type and time to get through this wire.  Time is the deterrent as nobody can snatch the device and run, no grab-and-go.

RUBAN MicroSaver Kensington Security Lock Review 8The key to this system is it is a deterrent.  Nothing will eliminate theft.  If you attach it to something flimsy, it will not work.  If you leave it unattended, with sufficient time it will not work.

I have compared this to other Kensington locks online and it is a good buy for the price.  It would be convenient for the loop end to have a lock as well, so you could open/close and feed the wire through, instead of locking/unlocking at the device. However, the device does everything it says it will do.   I rate this 4/5 stars for ease of use, simplicity in design and functionality.  It lost points to me due to: No included instructions and limitations of use as this device will not work with modern MacBooks and some thinner laptops.  Again, make sure your device has a Kensington security slot before buying.  If you have the slot, you will not find a more cost effective, intuitive, theft deterrent system.

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