Virtually act out a movie with ROLR.

In the book Ready Player One by Earnst Cline, there’s a type of game where you are virtually inserted into a movie and are scored based on your accuracy and performance. My first impression of ROLR was that it was something like a lower-tech iteration of that idea, and in a way, it is. ROLR invites you to act out parts from different movie scenes and mash these with someone else’s video of another character. You can “role with” anyone who has posted their video of a part or invite friends to make videos with you.


To act out a scene, you can choose to either role with someone who has already started a scene or pick a movie, scene, and character to play out. If you do the latter and go to the movie’s page, you can choose to watch the movie scene before acting it out, and there are even links to buy/rent it on iTunes in case you forgot that movie existed and really just need to see it now. Once you decide what to role, you record your video (with line prompts) either opposite a video of someone else (if you chose to role with a person) or a recording of the other character’s lines.

All the scenes I’ve seen so far have been limited to those with only two characters talking, which makes sense for practical reasons, but which also limits the scenes available. The movie selection is fair, including titles like Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, The Breakfast Club, and all The Fast And The Furious movies. The majority of the movies are comedies because who really wants to act out 30 seconds of 12 Years a Slave for fun? Or 50 Shades of Grey, for that matter, which is actually an option.


I had some difficulties with audio in the app, which made it difficult to enjoy, as I had to close and reopen it several times in order to do this review. I am also not the type of person who takes front-facing camera videos of herself for any reason, so I’m not the target audience for something like this. But if you want to show off your on-point Jim Carey impersonation to the world, I’d say go ahead and check it out.


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