A unique option for taking measurements.

One of the things that annoys me more than anything is being unable to find my measuring tape. I have a toolbox, but for some reason my measuring tape is never in it. That might be because I use that tool more than any of the others. And, because I use that tool more than any other, it’s also the one that is permanently damaged. There is a kink in the end and that makes it hard for me to be able to get 100% accurate measurements. I also get annoyed when I need to measure something long that requires two people – one to hold the measuring tape and the other to extend it. I don’t always have a second person available. This is what the ROLLOVA Digital Ruler is great for. It’s a rolling digital ruler that takes the frustration out of measuring. 


ROLLOVA is a pocket-friendly ruler that measures a vareity of sources including curves and lines. With one easy roll at a time, ROLLOVA provides accurate measurements on an OLED screen. The ruler is made up of a 1.3” OLED Screen, a Stainless Steel screen, 7075 Aluminum Alloy Body, Alps Sensor, and a OVA 2.0 STM32 Chip. The OVA 2.0 is a new generation of microprocessor that is 60% more accurate, uses 25% lower power consumption, and has 37% better processing efficiency than other microprocessors. With ROLLOVA, you can measure corner-to-corner and automatically add a radius or diameter to your measurement. There are two control buttons on the unit – one on the back of the ROLLOVA and one at the bottom of it. Each one of these buttons provides different options for the ruler and they are very easy to understand. The ROLLOVA comes with a leather carrying case and it is powered by 2 CR1632 button batteries. With the ruler you can save up to 99 measurements and view your readings in inches or centimeters. The device is available in either the Standard or Designer Editions. 

AccuracyMaximum Tolerance +-0.4%
FeaturesPoint-to-point measure mode
Corner-to-point measure mode
Corner-to-corner measure mode
Compatible UnitsInch (Decimal)
Inch (Fraction)
Centimeter Decimal
Measuring Range999.9cm in metric mode
99.99 inches in inches decimal mode
999.9 inches in inches fraction mode
MemorySaved up to 99 datas in internal storage
Display1.2″ OLED Display (Bright Blue)
Resolution:128×64 px
Battery2 x CR1632 Button Battery (Require to install at least one battery)
Material304 Stainless Steel, 7075 Aluminum Alloy, Nylon Plastic, Silicon Rubber
Standby Time18,000 Hours (Two years) with 2x CR1632 Battery.
*May vary, depends on battery brands, humidity, temperature and other environmental factors


The ROLLOVA comes in an exclusive black box with a simple “ROLLOVA by HOZO DESIGN” stamped on the front. I ended up with the Black and Gold “Designer” edition of the device. The inside of the box reveals the ROLLOVA ruler, a leather carrying case, a black envelope that holds the user manual, a replacement cover wheel, and a keychain loop. Operation of the ruler is quite easy. You simply press the main button on the back of the ruler to wake it up and then you press and hold the same button as you roll the device across a surface to take a measurement. When you are done, you release the button and the ruler asks if you want the measurement saved or not. 

While I really like the concept of this device, there are two things that are bothersome. First, it’s very easy to lose the straight path while you are measuring. What I mean by this is your measurement can be off if you can’t hold the ROLLOVA in a straight, level line as you move it along a path. To test out the accuracy of the measurement readings of the ruler, I used my XL mouse pad on my desk. I first measured the length of the mousepad with a standard measuring tape. I got a measurement of 34.5 inches. Then, I left the measuring tape in place and tried to roll the ROLLOVA across the mouse pad in the same path as the measuring tape and I got two different measurements – 34.17 and 34.64 inches. I believe this is because my hand wavered a bit while I was rolling it and the ruler captured extra distance. So, then I grabbed a level from my toolbox and held it against the ROLLOVA to keep it straight as I rolled across the mouse pad. I got a reading of 34.46 inches. 

To further test the accuracy of the ROLLOVA, which is the second concern I have with the device, I simply rolled the device across the measuring tape for 9 inches. I thought that maybe if I rolled for a shorter distance I could get a more accurate reading. I got 8.74 inches as the reading. Even though every measurement I’ve completed has been off by about a 0.25”, I still like the ROLLOVA as a tool. It can come in very handy when you are trying to get an ‘idea’ of a measurement, but when it comes to being exact, I might look to a standard measuring tape. 


A measuring tape can be a fickle tool because it can easily be lost. This handy digital ruler is easy to keep on you because it’s pocket-sized so which makes it the perfect EDC measuring tape. It might not be 100% accurate, but it does a good job getting you in the right ballpark measurement-wise. 

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